School Travel Planning in Surrey

The City of Surrey first became involved with School Travel Planning (STP) in the second phase of the National STP pilot projects in 2009. Today over 18 Schools have undergone the process and continue to benefit from the positive travel changes at their school. HASTe has been the lead School Travel Planning facilitator in Surrey since 2012. In 2013, TravelSmart joined our partnership by supporting youth engagement programs at each STP school. Below you can find out more information about each school’s STP process and what unique actions they undertook to become a Walk & Bike Friendly Surrey School.

To find out more about the City of Surrey's commitments to School Travel Planning please visit their website here or click the links below for 2009-2011 schools.

2014-2015 (HASTeBC) - highlights to come

  • Newton Elementary
  • W.E. Kinvig
  • Dr. F. D. Sinclair

2013-2014 (HASTeBC) – highlights to come

  • Coast Meridian Elementary
  • Serpentine Heights Elementary
  • Walnut Road Elementary
  • Frost Road Elementary
  • Coyote Creek Elementary

2012-2013 (HASTeBC)

2009-2010 (City of Surrey)

2010-2011 (City of Surrey)

2011-2012 (City of Surrey)

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