by Kristi Hendricks

Each year thousands of children in the Central Okanagan come together for an exciting event put together by Traffic Safety Officer, Dave Gibson.

As Regional Traffic Safety Officer, Gibson runs Bike Rodeos, working with his team to ensure that the children in both the city of Kelowna and the Region of Central Okanagan have the knowledge they need to confidently operate their bikes and navigate their routes safely. Hosted in anticipation of Bike to School Week, 2012 saw 2093 students attend the rodeos which were held at 12 schools across the region.

To learn more about Dave's work encouraging walking and cycling to school, click here.

by Kristi Hendricks

It’s not every day that you meet a principal willing to dye his hair green to promote active transportation, but that’s what Jacob Sol did. Former principal of McBride elementary school in New Westminster, Sol saw the volume of traffic at his school, and realized that the rushed drivers posed a safety risk for his students.

Read about Mr. Sol's challenge to students, and how they rose to meet it, after the break.

by Kristi Hendricks

Former City of Surrey Transportation Planner Luci Moraes knows that not only does it generally take the same length of time to walk or drive to schools, but actively commuting to school results in children arriving at school alert and happy to have spent some quality time with their parents. With this knowledge, she was able to take a proactive approach to her planning work, implementing plans which encourage active transportation, such as participating in school travel planning.

Read more about Luci and the City of Surrey's work promoting active school travel after the break.

by Kristi Hendricks

On her 10th birthday, Jonina Campbell bought herself a 10 speed bike with the money she received. While she remembers the joy and freedom of biking as a youth, she did not foresee becoming an active transportation advocate. Yet, when this teacher saw the congestion around her school, she was drawn into action, and became one of her community’s school board trustees.

Learn more about how Jonina is working on transportation in her school district after the break.

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