Anti-Idling Cookbook

Excessive and unnecessary vehicle idling is a serious, avoidable contributor to environmental pollution and poor human health. Excessive idling is widespread in all types of vehicles, including cars, buses and trucks. This behavior occurs throughout virtually all transportation activities. Unnecessary idling significantly contributes to air pollution, which in turn worsens environmental and health problems, including the dramatic rise of childhood asthma.

The program and materials presented here have been designed to be easy to use and to produce real reductions in emissions. These materials are available in the hope of providing a tested foundation for others to effectively create and implement a successful idling reduction program. There are three (3) basic recipes to follow; however, feel free to “borrow” ingredients from each to create your own masterpiece!

To access the ingredients in the recipes, please click on the recipe title which is in bold. To access any referenced materials in this toolkit, simply follow or click the links provided.

These materials may be reproduced and distributed without charge. However, it is forbidden for these materials to be used in any way for commercial purposes without express written permission from the Washington State Department of Ecology. By using any information or materials contained herein, you accept full and complete responsibility for any and all actions, claims, damages, costs, expenses or liabilities, including reasonable attorneys’ fees that might arise. These materials are provided free of charge courtesy of the Washington State Department of Ecology and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, in collaboration with Washington and Oregon air quality agencies.


Idling Myths Exposed!

Idle Free Resources for BC Schools

Idle Free Resources on HASTe

Idling Fact Sheets

Idling Pledge Forms

Idling Measurement Forms

French Language Anti-Idling Resources (Courtesy of the Government of Saskatchewan's GoGreen Program)

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