10 Helpful Tips For Safe Online Shopping {Dec} Find Ways

The Top Best 10 Tips For Safe Online Shopping

In this article, we provide you with information about 10 Helpful Tips for Safe Online Shopping.

If you are shopping online, there are multiple security issues that you may face. For example, Phishing, credit card scams, etc. Let us check how we can shop online safely.

  1. Use an internet security program:

Install an internet security package that can analyze the malicious scripts websites are running in the background. Such security software can also alert you about websites frequently reported as a scam in their database. Such a security package also protects your credentials and payment information. 

  1. Use a credit card for payment:

The credit card companies limit your liability for unauthorized transactions to $50. Know more information in this article about 10 Helpful Tips for Safe Online ShoppingYour liability is not limited in the case of debit cards and cheques. You can also block credit cards IMMEDIATELY if you come across unauthorized transactions.

  1. Transact on secure connection:

Always make financial transactions on a secure connection. You can check the connection status by viewing the website’s address. A secure website address will include HTTPS in the address instead of HTTP only, and you will find a small lock icon reflecting in the address bar.

  1. Use secure networks:

Whether you are using a direct internet connection (or) a wireless network, make sure that it is encrypted. 10 Helpful Tips for Safe Online Shopping also includes avoiding a public network for placing an order online as public networks are not completely secure. Other users have access to the public network, and they may try to hack your information used for shopping, including your payment details.

  1. Do not save your payment information for next use:

While you make payments online, uncheck the option to save your payment details from being used next time you make another purchase. Also, avoid the auto charge option if you subscribe to weekly, monthly (or) yearly for any services, refiling and delivery of the product.

  1. Know your merchant:

Among the 10 Helpful Tips for Safe Online Shopping, check the website’s reputation you are buying products from. It would be best to make sure that the shopping website has more positive reviews and good customer ratings. Review the website to check if they hide contact details and physical addresses.

  1. Avoid too good offers:

It may seem surprising, but illegitimate and NEW shopping sites will try to lure the customers by offering the highest discounts available elsewhere on the internet. But, this may not be the case with reputed sites. 

  1. Check the delivery policies:

Most of the time, fake e-stores do not mention the carrier name and timelines for delivering the products. 10 Helpful Tips for Safe Online Shopping suggests avoiding e-stores with a delivery timeline of more than 15-30 days and avoid websites that do not mention their shipping policies clearly.

  1. Be cautious about sites asking for unnecessary information:

Most sites will only require your name, address, e-mail address, contact number and payment information. But, many websites may try to get your SSN (or) identity with a photograph. Such e-stores may also try to offer cashback to your bank (or) credit cards. Do not provide extra information while shopping (or) to get the cashback credited to your bank account and credit card.

  1. Do not create an account unless required:

One of the best practices from 10 Helpful Tips for Safe Online Shopping recommends that if you are making a one-time purchase (or) if you do not use an e-store frequently, avoid creating an account on such a website. Even though you may close your account on such websites, they may auto charge your account (or) send you spam messages. 


One of the practices scammers follow is to get all your information in parts. A scammer may try to get your address over the phone by pretending as a delivery agent. Next, they may offer you cashback to your account and get your bank account information. Hence, always respond to the official e-mail address and contact numbers. You can read more on

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