Why 2D Animation Software a Must-try tool for Selling Online Courses

Why 2D Animation Software a Must-try tool for Selling Online Courses

Animation is increasingly becoming more popular across industries. These types of videos are highly engaging and can significantly impact audiences’ reactions to your message. However, marketing is not the only new domain people are using these 2D video animations.

Tutors and educators are also exploring these resources to deliver engaging and highly impactful content to their students and audience. This post looks at why the best animation software is a must-try tool for anyone selling online courses.

2D Animation: What You Should Know

Animation is becoming a popular trend in video production. It is used in advertising, films, and on social media. It is perfect for any industry, including education, and can be used for different purposes.

Some common ways people use 2D animation include training and educational videos, product demos, whiteboard animation videos, 2D explainer videos, infotainment videos, and more. It is an effective tool for attracting and sustaining viewers’ attention.

How do you create 2D animation for your online courses? The good news is you do not have to bother with the technicalities of creating such a video. You only need a 2D animation software tool. So, which is the best free 2D animation software to have in your arsenal?

Doratoon: The Best Free 2D Animation Software

There are scores of 2D animation software tools in the market. While you can do trial and error until you find the best option for creating your online courses, you can save yourself the stress with Doratoon. It is a tried and tested software tool for making animated videos.

Also, it is the best beginner animation software every educator should have in their collection. Its intuitive drag-and-drop editing tool removes the dilemma of creating an animated video from scratch.

You can choose a template and customize it with your content. Doratoon has millions of free animations, backgrounds, stock footage, props, and templates you can use to customize your content.

Why is Doratoon the Best Free Animation Software?

We have tried a couple of popular animation software and Doratoon takes the lead. Its exceptional interface and intuitive editing tools make it a top choice for us. It also has many features to make creating your online course videos a breeze. Some of these features include:

  • 100 Million+ stock photos and video clips
  • 10,000+ stock props
  • 10,000+ 2D and 3D animated background images
  • 1,000+ animated characters with facial expressions
  • PowerPoint to Animated Video conversion
  • AI Drawing and Dubbing features, and more.

How to Use Doratoon to make Online Courses

You can create content with Doratoon without stress. It takes four easy steps to make your first animation on the platform. Here are the simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up for a free Doratoon account on the official website.

Step 2: Select an animated 2D template to use for your online video course.

Step 3: Import your PowerPoint presentation into the template and use the editing tool to customize the template and incorporate your content.

Step 4: Preview the video and download it.

This is how easy it is to create 2D animation using Doratoon. You can also make your own animation character with the tools available on the platform. All you have to do is select a character and customize it to suit your needs.

Why you should have 2D Animation Software in Your Arsenal as an Educator

Why you should have 2D Animation Software in Your Arsenal as an Educator

The objective of an online course is to deliver knowledge flexibly and conveniently to the student. Unfortunately, it is easy for students to get distracted while watching an online course. There are many distracting elements, including the TV, phones, and other items in their space.

However, with a 2D animation, you can turn your course into a compelling movie that will engage your audience. Here are some reasons you should have this free animation software.

  •  It makes it Easy to Communicate Complex Ideas

Many instructors find it difficult to explain complex and technical concepts to students. When you find yourself in this situation, the best free animation software comes in handy. It supports the use of compelling storytelling techniques to communicate complex concepts to your audience.

With millions of assets covering animated images, props, characters, colors, voice characters, and more, you have everything you need to inspire your creativity. You can deliver an attention-grabbing online course using a free 2D animation software tool for your course development.

  • It is Very Cost Effective

2D animated videos are cost-effective. They are easy to create and have a shorter production time frame. Within minutes you can have your animated video ready and uploaded online. Many educators invest in expensive gadgets to make their online courses engaging and interactive.

While this is not a bad idea, it becomes limiting for people with a limited budget to deliver online courses. With Doratoon 2D animation software, you do not need to spend a fortune on any gadget. You do not even need any. All resources you need to create your animated video are available on the platform.

It is Very Cost Effective

  •  It is to Edit and Update

The shelf life of your 2D animated videos is long. They are never outdated, and you can always tweak and update them to suit your new syllabus and content. You can also adapt the visual content to static graphical designs. If you have updated information or content, edit your video and re-upload it to your platform. It is as easy as that!

  • You Can Create Multiple Videos in Minutes

Since you have pre-made templates at your fingertips, you can create multiple videos in minutes. You can create as many courses as you want with the resources available. Whatever subject you have to cover, you can rest assured that Doratoon has the template for it. All you need is to create your content and adapt your chosen template with the content.

Add Doratoon 2D Animation Software to Your Tools Today

2D animation software is highly flexible and versatile. It lets you communicate any complex information and make online course videos easily. It does not matter the kind of online course you take, this tool will do your project a great deal of good. Doratoon also offers the best solution for how to make your own animated character easily.

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