7 skills for a successful law career

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Law provides many opportunities to achieve satisfying results. Below are 7 skills for a successful law career that you can use in your daily practice. 

Are you interested in a legal career? When it comes to law careers, you want to make sure you have the right skill set to excel in your desired position. 

With the current increase in jobs in the STEM fields versus the liberal arts, there is a lot of pressure for those venturing into a law career to ensure they possess the necessary core skill set to succeed. Here are 7 skills for a successful law career that will help you be on your way.

  1. Fluent Verbal Communication – Lawyers spend a lot of time talking with clients, witnesses and opposing attorneys. They also spend a lot of time on the phone, so communicating clearly and effectively over the phone is an essential skill for lawyers. 
  2. Superior Writing Skills – Lawyers spend even more time writing than speaking. From drafting documents to preparing briefs, effective legal writing skills are essential for a successful career in law. Lawyers need to write clearly and concisely without jargon or complex language that will confuse readers. Keep reading 7 skills for a successful law career.
  3. Logical and Analytical Rationale – Lawyers need to be able to analyze, interpret and explain the law. This means that they need to be logical thinkers with strong analytical skills. Lawyers also need to communicate their findings both in writing and orally clearly.
  4. Extensive Legal Research – Lawyers need to have the ability to conduct legal research and find relevant legal references and materials. They also need to know how to use these materials correctly and appropriately.
  5. Coherent Client Service – A lawyer needs to have the ability to represent clients in court properly and advise clients on legal matters. While analyzing 7 skills for a successful law career, we found that this requires listening skills and an understanding of the client’s needs for the lawyer to respond in a way that is appropriate for the client’s situation.
  6. Well-versed In Technology – From e-discovery to online filing and everything in between, technology is a vital part of being a lawyer. You will need to know how to use e-filing systems, electronic case management software and programs like Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and LexisNexis. Familiarity with social media platforms and familiarity with the tools used to research the web is also necessary. Keep exploring 7 skills for a successful law career.
  7. Initiated toward Teamwork – Being a litigator often means working as part of a team. In smaller firms, attorneys generally work together on all cases. In larger firms, attorneys specialize in different aspects of law and are often called upon to assist their colleagues. 


To sum it up, the most important factor in being a successful lawyer is maintaining an active mind and an open perspective of your surroundings. We can all be successful lawyers with these simple, effective adaptions to our workday.

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