A New Year – A New Way to Travel: Part II

Happy Chinese New Year! It is the year of the dragon, which symbolizes change, mobility and hope for a prosperous future. We thought that was a perfect fit into our “bicycle” themed post this week as HASTE continues to put a new spin on helping you achieve your resolutions for 2012.

dragon bike

  1. Learn Something New – Or rediscover something old! A Canadian study found that although 94% of adults rode bikes as children, only 6% are frequent users today (Green Report, 2010). There is no better time than the start of a new year to dust off your old bike and take advantage of British Columbia’s growing cycling infrastructure. Discover Google maps new “bicycle” option to help guide your school travel on marked cycling infrastructure and then share your favourite route to school with others by using HASTE’s Online Route Planner.

  2. Save Money – Feeling a little financially crunched after the holidays? Need to cut back on your spending? Here’s one way: Did you know that it costs an average of $7000 per year to own and operate a motor vehicle and only $150 annually for a bicycle? (Health Canada, 2007). Think of what you could do with those savings! And guess what? Walking is totally FREE! (well except for the cost of shoes, I guess).

  3. Enjoy Life More – I think we can all relate to this one to some degree. Walking and Cycling allow for more personal and environmental interaction within your community. Just watching a child’s commute to school reminds us that transportation is not only about “moving people and goods, it is about wonder, discovery, joy and happiness” (O’Brien, 2005). Grab life by the handle bars and sign up for Bike to School Week in May (details to come) and look for International Walk to School Week in October and see how easy it can be to add some happiness into your daily commute.

That’s it, hope it helps. Stay tuned for the next blog posting as we make our way to the #1 resolution of the year!

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