Abg Shipyard Share Scam {Sep 2022} Read Details Now!

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This article Abg Shipyard Share Scam, will provide all the pertinent, in-depth details about this fraud. Read this post once.

Do you know anything about the most recent developments in the ABG Shipyard Scam? Did you understand the premise behind the Shipyard Scam? People are attempting to acquire the accurate details of scam Abg, not just in India but throughout the world. You are invited to visit our website if you have the same concern. 

This article Abg Shipyard Share Scam, will provide all the readers with all relevant information about this scam. Read it only once.

Why is the Shipyard fraud being discussed?

ABG Shipyard Ltd is the country’s largest private shipyard. Since many people are unaware of this shipyard, we would like to introduce it to you. The customers of the business is happy all over the world. It is noted that this business is fraudulent. It is because they set up an online transaction to defraud banks and robbed almost 22,000 crores from them.

Abg Shipyard Owner

In 2022, as the effects of this scam became apparent, Rishi Aggarwal was taken into custody. He is the creator of the privately owned firm Abg. The police detained him after learning that he had committed criminality of almost Rs 22,800 crore. ICICI, SBI, and IDBI are the banks that were under surveillance and it was found that all these banks were defrauded by Rishi Aggarwal.

How did Abg Shipyard Fraud come to light?

Many banks, including the Bank of Baroda, ICICI, SBI, Punjab National Bank, and others, claim to have lost several crores of dollars on February 7, 2022. After this matter was sent to the CBI, the investigation began. When looking at the track history of the Abg corporation, they discover that this business has been involved in scams from 2012 to 2017 for an extended period. Then, on February 15, 2022, Rishi Aggarwal was taken into custody.

Abg Shipyard Share Scam

Many people worldwide are curious about Rishi Aggarwal’s sentencing after his detention. Therefore, it is unclear at this time. Only the fact that he is in police custody is obvious.


We want to say that we covered all the information about the Abg Shipyard scam in this post. It was revealed in the investigation that several banks was looted for 22800 crores money by Rishi Agarwal.

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