What is HASTe?

HASTe is British Columbia’s leading active and safe routes to school programmer and resource centre. We are the Hub for Active School Travel (HASTe) and work with communities and partners across the province to connect kids, schools and communities through walking and cycling.


HASTe was launched in 2007 with funding from the BC government to act as a resource and networking hub for schools looking to reduce their transportation emissions. Over the years, as HASTe worked to fulfill this original mandate, the organization developed and implemented its own programs to help schools work towards reduced emissions and increased levels of safe and active travel. Originally a project of EEAP (The Environmental Education Action Program Society), HASTe incorporated as a worker’s cooperative in February of 2015.

Programs and Services

HASTe facilitates active travel by bringing school, parents, children, planners, engineers and the public sector together. HASTe delivers programming to support School Travel Planning (STP), community engagement, and best-route mapping; manages events; develops pilot projects; and works with municipalities, regional transportation authorities and school districts. We provide consulting and knowledge transfer support through direct advice and workshops, and support on-the-ground learning and programs.

Who does HASTe Serve?

Our clients are municipalities, regional districts, schools, and communities seeking to encourage, promote or support healthy, safe and environmentally sustainable travel. We support a community-based approach that engages children, families, students, teachers, governments, advocates, planners and researchers.

Who is HASTe?

HASTe is a registered Workers Cooperative with partners who oversee the administration, operations and the management of all projects and activities. The core team of professionals  – Omar Bhimji and Mike Smith –  hold two Masters degrees, a law degree, and 25 years of experience in the private and non-profit sector.