HASTe BC Mini-Midwinter Newsletter

Here's a mini-Winter email from HASTe BC to help you get ready for active trips to school in Spring 2013!


Figuring on Biggering

Some new faces have recently joined the HASTe HUB. Emily Hein is running our Cool Routes to School program at four elementary schools in the City of Surrey, while Kristi Hendricks joins us as an intern from the University of the Fraser Valley to spearhead HASTe's School Travel Champions campaign. Welcome!

Exploring the link between walking to school and concentration.

Last fall, researchers in Denmark conducted a study involving 20,000 students to determine whether there was a connection between nutrition and students' ability to concentrate.

Although this part of the study didn't yield the expected results, the team did find something unexpected and very interesting: children who walked or rode their bicycles to school seemed to be able to concentrate better than their peers who were driven.

Curious to learn more, HASTe reached out to Dr. Niels Egelund, the study's co-author. To find out what we learned, click here.

More Bike Ed

Interested in teaching kids (more) valuable life skills? LIFEcycle is holding a two day workshop in March to train new bike skills-instructors. For more information, contact Martin at martin@lifecycle.ca

Hey You(th)!

Know any students working to green their school? Point them to the Metro Vancouver Sustainability Youth Summit, taking place on Friday February 28th in Vancouver, where they will meet other youth leaders and community supporters who are involved in and passionate about creating sustainable school communities.

RtB on the WWW

The Right to Bike Initiative has a new web presence. The initiative is featured as part of the British Columbia Bike Coalition's new website, with updates and information on how to get involved. Check it out.

That's it for another edition. If you'd like more information and resources for bringing sustainable transportation ideas, education or action into your school, visit the HASTe Website or contact us at kerry@hastebc.org or 604.347.7704