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North Shore takes action on active school travel

ASRTS workshop a big step forward for kids and families

In January, HASTe facilitated an Active and Safe Routes to School workshop for stakeholders from across the North Shore Region.

Over 70 participants were able to meet and discuss how to improve the way families travel to and from school in their community.

See what our creative graphic facilitator was able to capture from the day.

Metro Vancouver Transportation Referendum

The Question:
Do you support a one half percentage point (0.5%) increase to the Provincial Sales Tax in Metro Vancouver, dedicated to the Mayors' Transportation and Transit Plan, with independent audits and public reporting?

Between March 16th and May 29th, 2015, all Metro Vancouver residents will have a chance to vote on this question and shape the future of our region's transportation systems.

But, what does it actually mean to vote Yes or No?

A good place to start is the Mayors' Council website for informative facts about the referendum, as well as Better Transit & Transportation to find out more.

Increase transit (a little), increase safety (a lot)

New study reveals traveling by transit is 9 times safer than traveling by car.

And the benefits don't stop there. According to a new paper published by Todd Litman at the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, cities where people take an average of 50 trips by transit per year have about half the number of traffic-related fatalities than those in which people take less than 20 trips per year.

In other words, a small increase (1.5 - 4%) in transit results in a 50% reduction in traffic-related deaths. Hmm, when is this transit referendum again?

50 Great ideas for Bike to School Week 2015

Mark you calendars for May 25 - 29, 2015. 

Are you and your school interested in participating in this year's Bike to School Event? Similar to last year, we've scheduled BTSW at the same time as Bike to Work Week, making it much easier for the whole family to participate.

We've also sourced a website with 50 great ideas for how to make Bike to School Week even better. As if!

Walking School Bus wins $1,000,000

Play Exchange awards Trottibus grand prize of 1 million dollars.

Trottibus is a project of the Canadian Cancer Society, which encourages the use of active transportation by giving children the opportunity to walk to school safely.

The money will help the Society to roll out the Trottibus across Quebec and also offer training and tools to other Canadian provinces to start their own walking school bus.

Congrats! We can't wait to see Trottibus arrive on the West Coast!

That's it for another edition. If you'd like more information and resources for bringing sustainable transportation ideas, education or action into your community, visit the HASTe Website or contact us at msmith@hastebc.org
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