Hey Kids! Here are Five Reasons You Should Ride Your Bike to School This Week

Are you in elementary, middle or high school? Do you have a bike? Have you ever tried biking to school? If not, Monday May 28th is the perfect time to start. Here’s why:

1. Riding is fun

Sure, sometimes it’s grand to feel like royalty being chauffeured around, but even more grand are the experiences you get on a bike – the wind in your hair, the sound of birds chirping, the smell of flowers and so much more. Plus, every bike ride gets your blood pumping (see #3).

2. Get some independence

Your parents are awesome (and they love driving you everywhere), but you’ll have to learn to get around on your own someday. Get a bit of freedom next week by riding your bike to school. If they resist, you may have some convincing to do (see #3 and #4). Be sure to mention that learning to be independent is important for kids.

With great freedom, comes great responsibility. So, a) plan your route and b) follow safe cycling rules.

3. Exercise? Yes, exercise!

Having trouble concentrating in class? Having trouble sleeping? Exercise can help. With endless screen time, busy schedules and a car-centric lifestyle, most people are getting less exercise than they need. Humans were born to move! Getting to school on your own steam is one of the simplest, most natural ways to get in some exercise – which helps you concentrate and sleep better.

4.Our home, planet Earth

The environment. I’m sure you have heard about it. Cars pollute the air with visible and invisible chemicals that leave a mark on the sky and our lungs. Plus, the resources used to create the car-centered lifestyle have a big environmental footprint.

5. Last but not least: it’s Bike to School Week!

Bike to School week in BC is May 28th – June 1st. Find out if your school is participating and you can get treats, prizes, and participate in fun activities. If you live in Metro Vancouver, check if your school is on this map (111 schools). If you live elsewhere in BC, check out the GoByBike website and talk to a teacher.

If you’re visiting Bike to School stations in Nanaimo or Squamish, keep an eye out for our amazing school travel facilitators, Lise (Nanaimo) and Gaby (Squamish). And check out the Bike to Work and School Week Squamish FaceBook page.

Have fun! Bike safe! And tag us in your Bike to School pics! @hastebc. We hope you give it a try.