Fall-into Walking – October is International Walk to School Month!

Passion for Action and HASTe created a special International Walk to School Month (iWalk) edition for the iSchoolTravel Calculator. The calculator is an easy and fun way to explore the impacts of your travel choices to and from school and is a perfect activity to celebrate iWalk Month.

Click on the image above to get started or read further to find out how you can use it in your community, school, classroom & family.

Here are some ideas on how you can use the ischooltravel calculator.

For more details and information on how to collect data using this tool for your community, school or classroom please visit the ischooltravel website.

Mayor Awards her Golden Shoe to “kick off” International Walk to School Week in Surrey

Surrey Mayor Watts awards Hyland Elementary’s now Grade 1 class with the Golden Shoe Award for their successful involvement in HASTe’s Environmental Extravaganza Stick to it Challenge.

What: International Walk to School Week (iWalk) kickoff Assembly and presentation of the Mayor’s Golden Shoe Trophy
When: Tuesday, Oct. 9th, 2012: 9 a.m.
Where: Hyland Elementary, 6677-140th St., Surrey

Hyland Elementary is the winner of last year’s Walk & Roll challenge, an initiative of HASTe B.C kicking off every year during Surrey’s Environmental Extravaganza. Last year’s challenge was called the Stick to it Challenge where schools recorded their walk to school through stickers. The challenge helps to promote safety, healthier habits and conserving the environment encouraging as many students as possible to explore the benefits of walking and rolling to and from school.

As the winner of last year’s challenge, Hyland was presented with the Mayor’s Golden Shoe Trophy by Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts last week. Principal Muriel Douglas also revealed to students the school’s plans to further promote walking and cycling to school during International Walk to School Week Oct. 8-12. HASTe presented on the benefits of walking and cycling to and from school, congratulating Mrs. Harker’s now grade 1 class for their participation and school leadership.

Visit HASTe’s website to learn more about WHY walking and rolling to and from school is important and HOW you can get involved. Discover other tools and campaigns that HASTe facilitates, such as the fun and interactive NEW iSchool Travel Calculator or apply to receive Idle Free signs to decrease exhaust pollution around your school drop off area.

Promoting walking and cycling in Surrey schools doesn’t stoli>here.The City of Surrey has also been funding a National School Travel Planning Process for the last three years. This year HASTe will be working with K.B Woodward, Fraser Wood, and Bonaccord elementary students, parents and principals all year to address the many challenges and barriers schools may face in promoting more walking and cycling to school. The process brings City stakeholders and school communities together to overcome infrastructural and cultural barriers, developing sustainable action plans for the future. For more information about the school travel planning process please click here or contact Kerry Hamilton at kerry@hastebc.org

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Pro-Walk, Pro-Bike, Pro-Place = Pro-HASTe

This September HASTe presented at the ProWalk, ProBike, ProPlace Conference in Long Beach, California. Read more to see what we want to share with BC Schools and Active School Travel Champions!

Just this past September HASTe’s very own Community Programs Manager, Kerry Hamilton got to showcase New Westminster’s School Travel Planning achievements at the North American ProWalk ProBike ProPlace Conference in Long Beach, California.

Every two years Safe Routes to School USA convenes at a National conference to share their best practices and lessons learned. Lucky for HASTe, we not only got to learn from our neighbours to the South, but also had the opportunity to showcase BC’s very own fantastic programs and initiatives! Check out our poster presentation below and find some fun pictures, links, and information we wanted to share with BC Schools and Active School Travel Champions!

HASTe BC is not alone!
States and Counties across the United States are also engaging in School Travel Planning processes. Here are just some of their creative ideas and lesson’s learned.

  • Memphis Tennessee switched funding incentives. Instead of funding more buses they gave their middle schools 2$ per walker and saved! See other State Best Practices here.
  • Having a problem with graffiti or vandalism around your school? Host a student or classroom competition to design signs deterring vandalism, it engages the student on the issue and has actually shown to prevent future destruction!
  • San Diego’s law enforcement officers are giving out walking and cycling promotion cards as a warning instead of giving tickets to parked cars in school zones. Education works!
  • See how Chicago has made the way for play by promoting healthy school environments, complete streets and access to parks.

Ohio is Thinking BIG with School Travel Planning
Instead of 4 to 5 schools engaging in School Travel Planning (STP) each year, Ohio took on the challenge of creating BIG change, engaging 48 Schools in the STP Process in only 1 year!!! Next stop: 98 schools planned for 2013. Check out some of their resources at www.dot.state.oh.us/saferoutes or contact Kerry at kerry@hastebc.org to learn more about how they made this possible!

Stuff Parents Say and What Kids Want
This session offered a very real and honest look at parental risk perceptions and safety concerns around letting their children walk and bike to school. HASTe joined in on the discussion as we shared the barriers, beliefs and benefits and ultimately how together we can inspire a culture change. Check out our HASTe page for Child Safety & Security and bring these take home points to your Parent Council Advisory group and start discussing some solutions amongst parents in your school today.

Acknowledgments + More Info
A big thank you to Project for Public Spaces for hosting such an inspiring and informative conference. Thank you to Long Beach California for being such a progressive and innovative bike friendly city. To learn more about Safe Routes to School State Network Project Successes and Lessons Learned please view their 2010-2011 Final Report or visit them at http://www.saferoutesinfo.org/ Learn more about how Canadian are taking action on School Travel Planning here!

That’s it for ProWalk ProBike ProPlace 2012. As always, please feel free to leave us any comments or questions below. How is your School ProWalk ProBike ProPlace or even better ProHASTe? 😉

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School Travel Planning 2012 National Results

School Travel Planning Results 2012 from Leslie Cook on Vimeo.

Executive Summary of the Results are also available here!


Since 2010, schools and School Travel Planning committees in BC and across Canada have been busy working towards encouraging and supporting more students and their families to walk and actively wheel to and from school. HASTe joined an inspiring team of leaders across the country in developing and delivering the best School Travel Planning (STP) process for Canada.

The results from this 2 year National project are now available on this excellent Video or detailed in this Executive Summary attached. Visit our STP Programs page to learn more about our very own BC STP Schools in Langley, New Westminster, Surrey, & Vernon.

Want to get your school or municipality enrolled in STP? Contact HASTe at kerry@hastebc.org or 1 (604) 347-7704

A big THANK YOU to our partners at Green Communities Canada and funders at the Canadian Partnershili>Against Cancer (CPAC).

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