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The world’s population currently stands at over 7.7 billion, around 4 babies are born every second Worldwide.

You might be aware that a mother carries a child in her womb for over 40 weeks. But few of them are aware of the struggle and stress a mother goes through during that process.

Check out this article to discover essential aspects needed to nurture a kid, perfectly curated by

How was it created?

As per the website, it was created by a housewife and mother of two kids. She graduated from Shah Abdul Latif University and received a degree in psychology. The website was created to share the experiences she gained while being a mother and a housewife at the same time.

The website registered its domain on 30th October 2021. The expiration date of the website is 30th October 2022. Registered from Kentucky, United States, the website seems to be newly created and vague in its specifications. 

The website has several articles and blog posts teaching parenting and pregnancy issues. Overall, appears to be a helpful platform for parents new to the parenting world. 

Recent Updates

The website deals with various aspects of childbirth and child upbringing. It is categorized into sections like ‘All around Healthy,’ ‘Family Centers,’ ‘Milk and Complimentary Feeding,’ and ‘Healthy and Satisfied.’ 

Recently, articles released by the website claim to be on the trending list. Their titles are as follows:

  • What you should know about breastfeeding before birth
  • Why baby things should not only be cute
  • Sunburn in Babies and Toddlers Express tips.

What is there at

Baby Boomy has blogs like Bowel problems in the third semester and its cure, how to protect the babies from allergy, bathing tips for babies, Earache is children and its symptoms, causes and treatment, and many more.

The posts also provide insights into daily life before giving birth to a baby. Offering hard-hitting realizations of being a mother and tips to prepare well are written on the website simplistically.

Worldwide, websites like these have gained immense popularity and become a massive help for couples who want to learn Parenting 101.  

Reviews does have sections below the blog posts asking its viewers to post their queries and troubles. It insists its users drop any topic they would like to learn more about. However, no such reviews have been found so far in any posts. The views on the blog posts range vividly from above 500 to merely 50.

Final Verdict

As per our findings, the website has a 2% trust score. However, the website claims to be entirely safe and secure for its users. Hence, giving special attention to the privacy of the viewers. In addition, provides a facility for commenting, thematic content, discussion forum, and photo forum for its users. 

The website’s terms and conditions say that viewers can also interact with other viewers and can publish or share their material with others.

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