Back to School & Back to the Future!

SPECIAL TO PARENTS. As the new school year approaches there’s no better time to re-think the way your children travel to school. Travel behaviour is one of the hardest habits to change especially for families, so we’ve outlined a few small steps to help your family become the most active and healthy school commuters possible.

Marty McFly epitomized “Cool Routes to School”

Well before Marty McFly was jumping on and off of his hoverboard or in and out of his DeLorean time machine, walking and biking were the best ways to get around and still are, particularly for short trips.

No matter if you choose to walk, cycle, skate or scooter to school…

Add friends to your journey! There’s not only safety in numbers but the social benefit for kids and parents is tremendous! Let HASTe help you start a walking school bus or a bike train.

Plan your route beforehand. Weekends are often a great time to explore your neighbourhood and find the best routes for the school journey. Avoid the busy streets and find the ones you like the most. The best route should be pleasurable and might not always be the most direct. Adding a few minutes for a happy journey is well worth it.

Take the lead! Do you think your school could better support active school travel? Let your principal know if you need more bike racks or if there’s a gnarly intersection that needs calming. Schools are places for fun and learning, getting to school shouldn’t be a stressful activity!

But what if I need to take the car? Try carpooling or park-and-walk to school – parking a few blocks away from the congestion and walking with your child alleviates the traffic around schools and makes the last leg of the journey a lot more fun and healthy.

Does your son or daughter love to skateboard or scooter? Ever thought about letting them skateboard or scooter to school?

Once viewed as a troublesome and meaningless activity, skateboarding is now being recognized as an engaging form of physical activity for children. It is an effective form of exercise and builds self-esteem in school-aged children. Read full article

Is this anyone’s grandfather? Skateboarding was popular even back in the 50’s!

OK, thanks for reading! Hope some of the tips help. The school journey doesn’t have to be a stressful time for families. Active school travel is truly a wonderful opportunity for kids to build strong relationships with their family and friends, get a daily dose of physical activity and ultimately have fun while doing it! Good luck!

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