Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Old Backyard Pool

Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Old Backyard Pool

Backyard Pool: Going for a swim with your family can be a fun summer activity. However, your old backyard pool might need an urgent refix; the fitting, the lighting, and the decor might all need a major makeover. In such a situation, if a pool party is anything you are looking for and you wish to rejuvenate the pool at the earliest, these handy cost-effective tips will uplift your mood.  

5 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Backyard Pool

Cleaning Up The Old Pool

The first uphill task before one thinks about restoring an old pond is to clean out all the dirt. You may use a simple pond filter foam to clean the accumulated dirt and sludge over the years. A pond filter foam usually has three grades of filter affixed over each other that can remove sludge from the water. 

A foam filter is readily available and can be used multiple times after the initial purchase. It is easy to reuse and just needs to be dipped in water to remove the accumulated dirt or sludge. A pond filter foam is easily customizable. However, depending on your specific needs, you can also go for a mat filter.

Going For A Fresh New Decor

Most old ponds will have flooring of tiny blue tiles of ceramic or porcelain fitted together. Many of these tiles might have come off in an old pond, thus upsetting the look of the pond altogether. Chipped-off tiles can spoil the aesthetic of the tank. So it is a good idea to redo the flooring from scratch. 

People can go for colorful mosaics, terracotta, or brick tiles giving a matte finish. These tiles give a classic feel and make the flooring skid-free. Terracotta floors, for instance, offer higher effective resistance against the soles of your foot that prevent a nasty skidding event.

Playing With Lights

Once the cleaning and flooring are done, it is natural to think about lights. LED tape lights are a great idea because they are flexible, cost-effective, and environment friendly. LED tape lights are flexible; hence they can be twisted around corners of the pond and sides of the ladder. These light strips are electrically insulated and can even be used for underwater pool lighting.

These strips are available in splash proof and waterproof varieties and thus are ideal for a pond setting. Moreover, LEDs are sustainable; they last long and convert most of the electrical energy into light, dissipating little as heat. Creative led tape light ideas will uplift your swimming experience dramatically and at little cost.

Going For Durable User-Friendly Fittings

For pondside rods and bars, it is advisable to go for overmolding as a manufacturing option. Overmolding is a technique wherein one material is molded on top of another, giving a material with desirable properties.

Overmolding creates a compact end product that is electrically insulated, waterproof, and protects against damage from corrosion. In a pool setting, poolside rods and ladders can be over-molded with plastic followed by rubber to prevent corrosion and give it a good look. The rubber overlying the plastic will ensure a great grip when entering or coming out of the pond. Many overmolding factories offer these overmolded materials at an affordable cost.

Making The Pool Corrosion And Germ-Free

If the tank is to last long, you should take adequate steps to make the fixtures of the pond corrosion-free. Steel fitting should be regularly scrubbed with steel brushes and steel wools to get rid of rust. The above process can be cumbersome in addition to the harsh abrasive effect it has on the fittings. Apart from using overmolding material, epoxy coating on plastics and ceramics can protect these materials from water and corrosion.

Also, maintaining hygiene in the pool water is essential if one uses their pools. You can make the tank germ free by coating the tiles with activated silver ions. Silver has long been known to have germicidal properties. Silver ions act as a bacterial antagonist in many ways, like creating holes in the outer covering of bacteria.


Thus, you can bring back your old backyard pool to life using a few simple hacks. Once the initial cleaning, scrubbing, and fitting are done, you can go for creative ideas to uplift the poolside. You can decorate the poolside area with colorful umbrellas or comfortable lounge chairs. Also a wooden fencing surrounding the pool can give a classic look and an additional degree of privacy.

In fact, if one is willing to splurge, one can even create a rock garden from scrap like old pipes around their pools. If an evening barbeque beside the pool is on the bucket list, you can build a fireplace around the pool. A few simple hacks can thus make your old pond party-ready in no time.

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