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LATEST NEWS Barrie Car Accident

Barrie Car Accident describes the devastating car crash incident that happened in the Barrie region along with victim information.

Do you know what the worst news that a parent could hear was? Can we all be able to console them with our words? The worst news can be the death of their kids. Recently, news of an accident in Ontario, Canada, shocked everyone. 

And it’s been trending on the news outlets. So here in this article, we will discuss the facts and victims’ information about who got involved in the Barrie Car Accident.

What happened?

Barrie is a city located in the Ontario region. Last Saturday (august 27), Barrie police officials shared the missing reports of a six-person on their social media accounts. But surprisingly, the police found out six people had died in an accident on Sunday. 

The police officials shared that they had found a crashed vehicle near Mckay Road and Country Road Number 27, one of the rural intersections in the southwestern part of Barrie. Initially, the victims’ information was not released. But according to social media sources, one lacrosse player named Luke West was one of the six people who lost their lives.

Car Crash Barrie

This crash incident even shocked the mayors and police officers. The police team has started their further investigations. All of the victims were in their 20’s. The people who lost their precious lives in the car accident are: River Wells (23), Curtis King (22), Luke West (22), Jason Connor (22), and two women named Haley Marin and Jersey Mitchell. 

The reason behind the car crash is not unknown. However, the city manager of Barrie stated that the rural intersection is a heavily trafficked area, which could have caused a car accident. Till now official reasons were not released. 

Death and suspicions

The Barrie Car Accident was not reported to the police, but they found the crashed car at the intersection, and the person in the car was found to be the occupants who reported in charge of a missing person. This incident deeply saddened the family and their friends. Even the Barrie lacrosse team association shared condolences with the player’s family.

According to online sources, this accident seemed suspicious because the day after the missing report, six people died in a car crash, and no one reported the crash. So the police official team has taken this case for further investigation.

Players in the car crash

In the Barrie Car Accident, Mr Luke lost his life. He was a professional lacrosse player who won minor league championships because of his extreme talent and love for sports. Apart from West, River Well, and Curtis, they were the football players. So, in this accident, three sports players died. The higher government officials acknowledged this accident and shared their condolences with the affected families.


People of Barrie County paid their respects to the young lives. After this car crash incident, the city’s mayor promised his citizens that he would build a new infrastructure that would help to prevent accidents from happening. The Barrie Car Accident should be a lesson for all drivers, passengers, and executives. Detailed information on.

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