How to Hire the Best Game Developer & Tips to finding one

How to Hire the Best Game Developer

Gaming is now one of the most rapidly expanding businesses. According to Business Wire, the sector has reached a total value of $152.1 billion and is predicted to develop at a compound annual growth rate of 12% in the next years. As the industry grows, so does the need for video game specialists. It’s also difficult for firms to recruit a game developer since there’s so much competition.

It’s not the concept that makes a fantastic video game. That’s one aspect of it, but the execution is what makes it fly. As a result, most people find it difficult to hire game developers.

I put up a handy guide that covers everything you need to know about hiring game developers, from fees to how to discover and hire them.

Tips from Recruiters on Finding the Best Game Developers

  1. Keep an eye out for enthusiastic developers

To put it another way, make sure kids like playing games. You may think this is pointless, but picture having a game developer that groans at your game’s concept and constantly makes reasons to bypass the “storytelling” part. You don’t want someone who doesn’t care about the product.

Even if the game creator in question enjoys the process of making a game, if they dislike the finished result, they may put out less effort and passion. And this might have an impact on the result.

Hiring developers one at a time is sometimes not reasonable. If you want your game to be of high quality, then you should find a reliable studio that provides game development services.

  1. Their Portfolio Is More Important Than Their Curriculum Vitae

There are several methods for assessing game creators. These might differ based on the sort of professional you’re looking for, but I’ve discovered over the years that a CV isn’t always the greatest predictor of a candidate’s ability. You’ll need solid evidence of their job, particularly if you’re willing to commit a lot of money.

So, what’s the greatest approach to judge a game developer’s abilities? Their professional portfolio.

Is the game developer familiar with the kind of game you want to make? Has he produced a game like this before? In a portfolio, all of these items will stick out. You should look at the game developer’s adaptability and specialized competence. Not everyone is capable of creating every style of game.

  1. Hire a Remote Game Developer

Hiring a remote game developer brings you a lot of options. Why? Because, in addition to having hundreds of extra alternatives, giving remote work is usually always one of the most effective methods to recruit top game developers.

The finest professionals choose remote work because it provides a better work-life balance. Furthermore, it saves time and money for workers, as well as time and money for you. It really is a win-win scenario!

Also, who wants to limit themselves to local game developers when the ideal match may be 3000 kilometers away? Why limit your options?

You’re making a game, which is certain to be expensive. Allowing proximity and local talent to hinder your success is a mistake. You have an option in today’s world: go global and employ the greatest game developer for yourself.

Looking for Qualities in Game Developers

Evaluation of game developers’ abilities is one of the most significant components of employing them.

I usually advise recruiting managers to categorize talents into two groups: 

essential and desirable.

The must-have talents are the fundamental abilities that applicants must possess in order to do their duties effectively. These include anything from creativity and personality qualities to coding talents. The desirable abilities are those that you appreciate but are not required for the job.

They are the technical qualities to look for in game developers in general (with in mind that these may differ based on the job you’re seeking for):

  • Knowing how to use 2D and 3D animation software
  • Familiarity with the game development workflow
  • Skills in critical and analytical thinking
  • Expertise in two game engines
  • C++ or Java expertise
  • Experience with virtual reality

Things to Consider Before You Begin the Hiring Process

What kind of game are you working on? Have you set a budget for yourself? What are your plans for monetization?

These are some of the questions you should ask yourself if you’re thinking of making a game. However, the pre-production phase is when you describe the sort of game you want to create as a starting point. This is when your concept begins to take shape.

Begin by deciding what kind of game you want to make:

  • Is it a straightforward shooter or a MOBA with a PvP arena?
  • Is it going to be a multiplayer game with a lot of graphics? Or a basic single-player game that can be played even when the internet is down?
  • Will it be playable on mobile devices, or will it be limited to gaming consoles?

It’ll be easy to grasp what technology your game will be produced in after you’ve figured out the details. 

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