Best Technology Tips That Will Save Your Time

Complete Guide Best Technology Tips That Will Save Your Time

What are the Best Technology Tips That Will Save Your Time? To know some straightforward tech hacks, you have to minutely read the below informative blog.

No one is unaware of the value of time; sometimes, it is denoted as ‘Time is Money’- and it is indeed true. In this busy schedule of life, if you wish to do something else simultaneously, like if you want to start your business, or wish to spend more quality time with your family and loved ones, or wish to do higher studies- saving time would be your primary goal.

In case you’re confused about how to save time from your hectic daily schedule, here are some Best Technology Tips That Will Save Your Time-

Simple and easy tips tech tips to save time:

In this segment, you’ll get some amazing tech shotcut tips, which we do daily wrong, or better to say in a lengthy way-

Tips 1- Google Search Shortcut-

Studying online or reading your favorite personality or book on a computer browser are common things we always do. While doing so, when we become curious to learn more about a particular word or famous name, we usually copy and paste the word on a search engine and search for it. However, here is a shortcut you can apply- you can right-click on that particular word and select the ‘Search Google’ option, and that will open a new tab with its information. 

Tips 2- Shortcut for opening new tab-

Do you want to know a shortcut to open a new tab quickly? Here are the Best Technology Tips That Will Save Your Time– to open a new tab on the computer screen quickly, you have to put the cursor on that link and then click on the scroll wheel down, and it will automatically open a new tab with the information within it. You can use it to save time. 

Tips 3- Quick access to Emoji-

Browsing social media we all love to do, and when we find something interesting, emojis are the best to express our feelings. You can now easily find it on Mac by clicking the Command, CTRL, and Spacebar once; it will display the emoji window where you can choose one and react to your favorite post on social media. Let’s figure out other Best Technology Tips That Will Save Your Time.

Tips 4- Shortcut to close all mobile applications running in the background-

Have you heard that iOS users can stop 3 applications at a time? And it’s absolutely true. To do so, you have to follow some steps- double click on ‘Home Screen’ to bring the application list, now hold your 3 fingers on 2 applications and swipe that up-and you have done.

Tips 5- Shortcut to remove unnecessary application notifications-

To do so, you have to turn the application off to not to get any notification in the future. You can open the iOS mobile setting menu and disable the notification option. This process blocks all unnecessary notifications.  

Wrapping Up:

We hope that the above tips are helpful for you and you can use them easily. You can find more Best Technology Tips That Will Save Your Time on our blogs daily. How’s this information? Please mention it in the comment section.

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