The 6 Biggest Bitcoin Hacks in History

Top The 6 Biggest Bitcoin Hacks in History

Bitcoin hacks have emerged around the world as one of the most pressing issues users, exchanges, businesses, and regulators are usually able to face. However, despite all these threats, there has been considerable progress in cyber security which can counter many of these threats. Today in this blog we will discuss the five biggest bitcoin hacks. We will tell you when and how the hacks happened and how the industry has reacted since then. If you’re looking for a lead and trading platform, you should use bitcoin-profit.

Mt. Gox

First of all, if we talk about MtGox, it is one of the most famous and biggest hacking to date. At the time, the company was almost a monopoly on trading between bitcoin and real money, but it suffered a horrific hack a few weeks later. In which he lost more than 800,000 BTC. Although after that the company got around 200,000 BTC back, 600,000 BTC is still untraceable. The Gox hack never recovered due to bankruptcy shortly after Mt. Gox. A heap of phoney bitcoins were unloaded into an exchange by hackers, one of the main critical Protection violations in the bitcoin area.


Talking about binance, it was the recent bitcoin hack that happened in the year 2019. In the hack with Binance, there were about 7,000 criminals who were able to escape with bitcoin, which was valued at around $40 million at the time. If you do not know about Binance then this is an exchange that is considered one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. However, the exchange did not face any risk before that event. In addition, the hackers were collecting users’ spent 2FA codes, API keys, and a large array of other information. As a result, the hackers gained access to Binance’s internal systems.


Talk about bitfloor, so this exchange lost around 24,000 BTC during the year 2012. At that time the U.S. In fact, Bitfloor was considered to be the fourth largest exchange. Furthermore, the exchange had left all its funds in a “hot wallet” on its servers, due to which the exchange would never recover from the hack.


Speaking of allinvain, it is a pseudonym of a Bitcoin forum client who posted a hack in June 2011 in which around 25,000 worth of BTC was stolen from his PC. However, allinvain was the first person to mine bitcoins and collected 25,000 BTC in the years 2010 and early 2011. At the time of the hacking, that amount was worth over $500,000; And in today’s time, it can cost a little less than around £10m.


Zarif is viewed as one of the primary crypto exchanges in Japan. It is the main exchange in Japan to get a proper permit and has been in activity starting around year 2014. Also, there are in excess of 45 crypto forms of money accessible in Zaif. In 2018, when hackers got to its hot wallet, a basic Violation was revealed in the exchange. However, when it was hacked, Jeff was not aware of it for three days due to which Jeff had to face the risk of more than $60 million.


Upbit is available as an exchange in cryptocurrency which was established in the year 2017. Moreover, it first originated in South Korea after which, its trade gained good popularity all over the world. As case day to day transactions, it overwhelmed Bitcoin as the world’s biggest crypto exchange in the year 2018. At the end of 2019, the exchange was targeted by a significant cyber attack in which, through a single transaction, hackers broke into the exchange and stole more than $40 million.

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