Bodi Beauty Bar Orlando 1420 {June} Florida Incident!

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This news article is based on information related to Bodi Beauty Bar Orlando 1420 and the racist incident. 

Do you use Body Beauty bars? Which brand do you prefer the most? Do you find Beauty products advertisements racist? In case you look out for them as racists, then this article will be a guide for you. 

People residing across the United States are curious to know whether the incident that took place was true or not. So here in this article, you will come by information on Bodi Beauty Bar Orlando 1420. The brand has a connection with a big name, Knighton Elizabeth.

Details of the racial incident

  • Elizabeth is the owner of the Bodi Beauty Bar brand. As per reports, Knighton used racial remarks toward the staff working at a Chinese restaurant, King Cajun. King Cajun is a well-known restaurant with high Google ratings.
  • It has been reported that Elizabeth went to King Cajun situated at North Mills, USA. There she ordered a dish that she found rotten and spoiled. The dish was immediately supervised by the head chef and was all fine. 
  • Elizabeth was given an okay report regarding the dish. 

Remarks by Bodi Beauty Bar Orlando

As Bodi Beauty Bar Orlando Florida was briefed, Elizabeth Knighton gave the staff racist remarks. The staff thanked her as a customer. She paid the bill at the counter and straight went away. Nonetheless, she also used foul language against the Chinese team. After the racist incident, the ratings of Bodi Beauty Bar have decreased to 1 over 5 stars.  

The Bodi Beauty Bar  

The company Bodi Beauty Bar is situated at Lake Baldwin Lane 1420. Knighton Elizabeth is the owner of this company. It provides beauty care services like: 

  • Sauna
  • Skincare
  • Medical spa

Customer reviews on Bodi Beauty Bar Orlando 1420

Yelp was caught to attention due to numerous feedback, reviews, and ratings for Bodi Beauty Bar. The Bodi Beauty Bar pages received 100 negative comments. Out of all the negative comments, 28 were asking not to support Bodi Beauty Bar as a business brand.

  • Some users posted that no one should be disregarded based on racism. Users wrote “it’s too late to apologize” for Knighton Elizabeth. 
  • Netizens even wrote that Elizabeth should have access to chemicals and machinery. As she can harm someone who is of Asian color.

Why is Bodi Beauty Bar Orlando Florida trending?

Bodi Beauty Bar is normally a company that provides beauty and skin care services. Recently it came into the news due to the owner’s racist remarks to the Chinese team of the restaurant King Cajun in the United States. Due to the racist incident, people are furious at the brand. They are also calling off their services, blaming the owner’s bad behavior.

Note: all the information shared here is based on internet research.

Final Verdict

After going through a detailed discussion on the racist incident. We can conclude that Bodi Beauty Bar Orlando 1420 will face further repercussions in the future. Maybe the company will get small or no business in the upcoming days.

Was the owner’s behavior towards the Chinese team, okay? How should she behave? Let us know your views in the comment section below. To learn more about the Bodi Beauty Bar incident, click here.

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