Camping With Steve Wife {August 2022} He Lost His Life!

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This post on Camping With Steve Wife will guide our readers about Steve Wallis’s Wife’s death. 

Do you know who is Steve Wallis’s Wife Jessica Wallis and how she died? The wife of a Canadian YouTuber, Jessica Audrey Wallis, recently passed away. Steve is a YouTuber from Canada who shoots his videos in the United States and the United Kingdom. Steve recently disclosed the death of his wife Jessica on August 21, 2022.

This post on Camping With Steve Wife will inform our readers about the reason behind the death of Steve’s wife. Kindly read this post to know more about it.

Who is Jessica Audrey Wallis?

She was the wife of a Canadian YouTuber who is well known for his travels and camping excursions. Jessica used to work as a teacher in a public school and disliked being the centre of attention, despite the fact that her husband is pretty well-known online. In a video that Steve Wallis uploaded on YouTube, he described the Sunday night his wife and he went to bed, and how Jessia passed away the following morning. The reason for Jessica’s passing was not disclosed by himCamping With Steve Wife is only the reason to complete the documentary. 

Jessica was a really pleasant and compassionate girl who enjoyed giving food donations to the homeless and housing to those in need. Jessica didn’t enjoy being the centre of attention.

Who is Steve Wallis?

Steve Wallis was born on 10 September 1981; he is a YouTuber who is well known for his outdoor campaign and travel videos. He started his YouTube channel on 20 April 2010. He has 1.02 million subscribers on YouTube with an estimated Net worth of $ 1.45 million. Camping With Steve Wife was the title of Steve Wallis’s YouTube video. Steve campaigns in the middle of the jungle, parking lots and many more places. He recently uploaded a video on YouTube mentioning “ RIP: My loving wife”. 

He immediately increased his subscriber base, adding 1200 new subscribers daily, and now posts two to three videos on his channel every two weeks. His birthplace was Vancouver. He recently relocated to Edmonton. Steve’s YouTube channel focuses on unconventional campaign strategies. Since 2010, he has been consistently active on his channel, producing videos for vlogs, campaigns, and outdoor cooking.

Camping With Steve Wife, Jessica Wallis 

Jessica didn’t enjoy being in the spotlight, but she constantly helped her husband from behind the camera and gave him the infrastructure to create creative content. Jessica was never in front of the camera, but Steve always had his wife’s backing when creating unique content that would draw viewers in.


To conclude this essay, we have supplied our readers with information regarding the death of Jessica, as well as the most recent update on this incident. Please check this link to know more about her death.

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