[New Viral] Cemetery Scandal Link 2022: Searching for Viral TWITTER Link!

Latest News Cemetery Scandal Link 2022

This article provides information related to the Cemetery Scandal Link 2022 and tells the readers about different facts and updates on the video.

Did you check out the new updates on the Cemetery scandal that got viral recently? According to the sources, a new part has been released worldwide, the Pinay Viral scandal Cemetery video 2022. 

If you want to know about the updates regarding the new Cemetery Scandal Link 2022, then read this article till the end and check out the truthful information related to the Cemetery Scandal.

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Are there any recent updates in the Pinay Viral Scandal Cemetery?

A new part of the cemetery scandal got viral on the internet, which is considered the Pinay Viral Cemetery scandal part 2, as the content of the video is the same as the previous one. A few days back, the viral cemetery scandal video gained popularity and attention Worldwide through its sensitive content of two young couples.

Therefore, let’s see whether the new video is getting the same attention on the internet. 

Viral Video Cemetery– About the video

The video contains some inappropriate actions of two young couples who are making love in the video. The location of the video is still unknown, and the date of the video’s release on YouTube was 3rd November 2022. 

The readers can find many links related to the video, but most of them will lead you to another page or other content unrelated to the present one. Now, let’s see whether the viral cemetery videos are available on any social media platform. 

Viral Video Cemetery- About the video

Is the Cemetery Scandal video 2022 available on online platforms?

Though the content on the video is inappropriate, many social media platforms like TWITTER have taken down the video so that no one will share the link. Also, when we searched for the whole video, there weren’t any links available showing the whole video. 

Therefore, it is 100% sure that the whole video is down by every social media channel, and the readers couldn’t find any video that shows the full content. The social media platforms followed a specific guideline under which, if they find anything inappropriate and insensitive, the authorities will take down the content. 

Who are the boy and girl in the video?

The identity of the couple in the Cemetery Scandal Link 2022 is still unknown as there is no information on the internet that tells the couple’s name. However, it is believed that the couple belongs to the same institute in the Philippines. 

However, once we get the information related to the couple in the video, we will update the article accordingly. The identity of the boy and the girl is hidden so that it won’t affect their personal life and the life of their family members. 

Are there any other similar cases of viral videos?

Recently, like the Cemetery Scandal Link 2022, photos and videos of the women’s volleyball team got leaked and circulated online through different social media channels, especially Reddit and Telegram. 

However, most of the links got taken down by the social media platforms as they contained inappropriate content, which is why the official authorities are also trying their best to catch the culprit responsible for the leaks. 

Social Media links

Although there aren’t any Cemetery Scandal Link 2022videos mentioned on the social media platforms because of the content in them, the readers wouldn’t find anything on any platforms. 


We do not support content like the cemetery scandal leaked video. The article is purely based on the trending news and keywords related to the viral video. 

Final Words 

As the video is not available on any social media platforms, there’s been the involvement of different websites like torrents for sharing the scandal video 2022. The couple looks young, and we don’t know whether their guardians know about this video. 


What are your views on the viral video of the Cemetery scandal in 2022? Please comment below. 

Cemetery Scandal Link 2022: FAQs

Q1. Where was the video filmed?

A: the video was filmed at a cemetery in the Philippines. 

Q2. Are the couple minors or major?

A: The couple seems like School Kids.

Q3. Does social media have any link related to the video?

A: No, social media doesn’t have any links to the video.

Q4. Does the authority take any action?

A: No information related to the action taken by the authorities has been mentioned anywhere. 

Q5. What are the names of the boy and the girl?

A: The identity of the couple isn’t disclosed by anyone. 

Q6. Which keywords or hashtags are used by the internet for the video?

A: #Scandals #Alter #Viral and many more keywords are used.

Q7. Is the full video available?

A: Only part video is available on YouTube, like 1:30 minutes. 

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