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This post on Cern Live Stream Time will tell you about the time of the Cern live stream, its works, and some unknown facts. 

Did you hear the complex CERN Collider is back?  CERN, also known as the European Council for Nuclear Research, is about to restart its most complex and biggest machine Hardon Collider after years. 

The exciting news of the hour is that people from countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and many more can watch the entire event.

Keep scanning this article on Cern Live Stream Time to know the time, and the platform of events live stream.

 CERN live stream 

The complex Collider will be turned on at 4.47 p.m. CEST on July 5th, and people worldwide can watch this entire mega-event from their houses as CERN’s social media platforms will be live streaming it. 

With so much excitement and confusion going on, many people are comparing this event with Netflix’s stranger things, and few are concerned about the consequences of this adventure. However, many are curious to know the working of this Collider. 

Is Cern Dangerous

CERN is not at all dangerous, as the official website stated. Many people speculate that it will open a new dimension just like stranger things. But there is no need to worry as this event will only help the scientists study matter at maximum density and temperature. Higgs boson particles – also known as the God Particle – will interact with other particles, and with unprecedented precision, Scientists will measure the forces.  That will further help them study dark matter and the universe’s energies.

This post will clear all your doubts, and we will give you more information regarding Cern Live Feed. 

What is LHC?

LHC stands for CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. It is the world’s most powerful energy collider developed by CERN from 1998 to 2008 with the collaboration of 10,000 scientists and thousands of laboratories worldwide. This giant Collider is currently situated near Geneva in Switzerland. With this technology, scientists discovered the god’s particle, the Higgs boson. With similar expectations, scientists are bringing this third run of the giant Collider. 

 Further, we will tell you some unknown facts about Cern’s LHC, so keep reading this post.

Facts About LHC 

As per Cern Live Stream Time, this machine will run for 4 years and 24 hours a day at 13.6 trillion electronvolts. Multiple beams of a positively charged particle, i.e., Proton, will be sent and collide at the speed of light, which scientists will later record and analyze to study dark energy and universe mysteries. 

LHC is the most complex and largest machine ever built-in history. It can do billions of collisions in a second, and the heat generates due to this collision makes this machine 1 lakh times hotter than the sun. 


Ending this post, we have informed our reader about the Cern Live Stream Time, the working of LHC, and some facts about this greatest machine in history.  

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