Coinbase: A Digital Wallet for Crypto Users

Coinbase A Digital Wallet for Crypto Users

A digital wallet that is purposely made for crypto users to make sales and purchases of coins is known as Coinbase. The coins supported by the coinbase wallet are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin cash, etc. Coins such like Ethereum, Litecoin are reliable for Binance and further trading proposals. Moreover, Binance helps users to take part in the initial coin offering gateway by which companies can sell cryptocurrencies and get funded. A hardware wallet is a piece of equipment that stores your keys and enables offline transactional activity signing.

The history of Coinbase 

During 2012, the co-founders of the Binance were Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. Just like Binance, Coinbase also starts trading with the sale or purchase of Bitcoins among itself before its launch among crypto users. Initially, the growth of Coinbase was rapid. Till 2017, it touched the benchmark with 13 million registered users and more than 31 various currencies were supportable on the Coinbase platform. 

 If we talk about recent scenarios, Coinbase is a well-established exchange in the crypto world that offers a lot of services to its users. Moreover, it is not limited to being an additional exchange, it is also a wallet for the sale purchase of crypto coins in exchange for fiat currency directly from the bank account. In short, Coinbase is a safe, secure, and reliable Coinbase that results in its best for anyone who is looking forward to crypto trading. 

Binance viz-a-viz Coinbase 

Although both Binance and Coinbase are popular among digital users to buy or sell digital currency. But it is difficult to decide which would be right and beneficial for you. The key difference between the two is their particular user base. As experienced traders are most likely to prefer the Binance platform for trading a variety of options and features as well. Whereas Coinbase is preferred by the casual traders of the crypto world who performed as a beginner and getting started their trading in the crypto world. 

A key factor between both the currencies depends upon the choice for the particular currency which is supportive for the respective platforms. Coinbase is applicable and supportive for a small number of coins. Finance is available for a hundred or even more than its various coins and tokens as well. In both scenarios, Finance would be a better choice for traders. In the case of charges, Finance charges are lower as compared to Coinbase whereas Coinbase is a more user-friendly platform and easy to use for even freshers. If we talk about Coinbase, it offers more payment options along with credit and debit cards for which Binance is still not supportable. 

Working significance of Binance and Coinbase 

Both platforms are popular among cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. Both are not only limited to Bitcoin but are also supportable for several coins such as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, etc. These platforms are giving remarkable services to the market and were also used to buy new cryptocurrencies during their initial coin offering. Moreover, these platforms are also providing the services of wallets along with several payment methods to purchase cryptocurrency. 

Although both exchanges have the same features, they are still different from each other. As Coinbase is supportable got fewer cryptocurrencies while Binance is supporting more than a hundred cryptocurrencies. Although both platforms impose charges for trading cryptocurrency, the fees imposed by Coinbase are higher than that of Finance. Moreover, the wallets offered by Coinbase are however used by millions of investors around the world whereas Binance’s trading volume is high but with lower fees. 


When Your Mind is confused between finance and Coinbase, plenty of factors are available to compare the other. However, some factors should be considered and kept in mind. Although both platform-changing platforms are having its pros and cons. Hence it is very easy to evaluate your personal needs as a trader before deciding on any particular trading platform. Ultimately the choices between Coinbase and finance are your preference and target as a crypto trader. 

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