Coming To Terms with Your Hearing Loss: Five Top Tips

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Read this post for expert tips on that will help Coming to terms with your hearing loss. 

Being diagnosed with permanent hearing loss can be a shock to many, and it may take time to get used to the way things are. However, there are things you can do to help. Here are five top tips to help you to come to terms with your hearing loss, embracing your new life at the same time. 

Bottling your feelings up inside will not help you at all. While it may feel as though a diagnosis of some level of permanent hearing loss is the end of something for you, in fact, it could be the start of something new. Talking to others about your feelings and concerns is a terrific way to find out about how hearing loss has affected others. It does not have to be as debilitating as you might expect. 

  • Investigate hearing aids

Most types of hearing loss can be helped using a hearing aid. While your local audiology department may be able to offer some suggestions, this does not stop you looking into alternatives. Bluetooth hearing aids are a wonderful advancement in audio technology. When they originally came onto the market, they were challenging to use alongside other devices. However, as expected, developments have made them ever so appealing and life-changing for many. 

  • Be open about your hearing

There was a time when people would try to hide the fact they were hearing impaired or wore hearing aids due to embarrassment. However, nothing good can result from that kind of negative attitude; show more optimism. Being open about your hearing loss means that you will struggle a lot less. In work, for example, if people are aware of your difficulties, they should be able to support you in creating a much healthier environment in which for you to work where your hearing loss will not be a problem.

  • Raise awareness of hearing loss

Raising awareness amongst colleagues, friends and families of hearing loss and the ways in which they can help will not only support you in your journey but also other people going through similar experiences. Simple changes to their actions, such as not covering their mouth when speaking, allowing natural lipreading to occur, reducing background noise during important conversations and avoiding speaking too slowly or loudly, can be incredibly impactful. Joining in with campaigns, like deaf awareness week, will support you in coming to terms with and embracing the changes in your life because of your hearing loss. 

  • Go for regular checks

If you were to notice a deterioration in your eyesight, the chances are you would be quick to book an appointment to have a test done. Likewise, if you had toothache, you would have a qualified practitioner advise you on oral care and check the problem area. The same thing goes for your hearing. If you notice any changes, it is vital to ring the audiology department and book an appointment as soon as possible. Even if you do not spot any issues with your hearing, you should still attend the clinic regularly to ensure that any issues are discovered promptly, and action can therefore be taken accordingly. 

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