What Should You Not Talk About On The Common App Essay?

What Should You Not Talk About On The Common App Essay

The common app procedure allows you to apply to multiple colleges without the need to write a separate letter or essay for each college. You only fill out the form once and include in it all your important documents, such as the admission essay. A common app essay helps the college administration to learn deeper about you. 

This is your chance to prove to the admission that you are the right person to be given a chance to join the institution. When writing an essay, you must be careful not to reveal too much about your weak part. Instead, focus on your strength and avoid talking about topics such as: 

Avoid too personal topics

A common app essay helps university administration to know you better. However, what they are interested in is not deeply personal issues. Focus on the general issues or details that are common in your skills, goals, or education development. Extra personal details might display you as weak or lacking the right personality. It is better if you pay an assignment writing service to write the essay for you instead of losing a chance due to personal issues. Avoid issues such as:

  • Drugs and sex life: If you have engaged with drugs or active sex life, it is best to leave it to yourself. In most cases, such a topic displays you negatively, and you will only shock the administrators.
  • Grandiosity: Taking this angle only gives you unrealistic superiority over others. Forget about your living class, heritage, or lineage. You could easily be disqualified. 
  • Relationships: Writing about your relationships, who you broke up with, and who you are dating is too personal. 

Avoid topics about your hero

All people have herpes or someone they look up to learn life lessons. It would sound great to write about such a hero and how you have learned excellent things from them. No matter how correct that sounds, it is treated as cliché in a common app essay. 

It detours you from the important things that make your essay strong such as academic achievements. Sometimes it is not easy to know if you are detouring from the important points. When you ask for help from essay writing services, you will be sure your essay will only capture the important points. 

Avoid topics that might raise controversies

Some topics might look great to include in a common app essay. Unfortunately, they only lead to arguments or open door for controversies. Everyone is entitled to their share of opinions on any topic, but some topics will only make the situation worse. Avoid any of these topics:

  • Religion: You have a right to believe in any religion of your choice, but you don’t have a right to drag other people into it. If you are applying to join a college affiliated with specific religious teaching, you may include such a topic. 
  • Politics: Politics is another highly controversial topic, and you should avoid it. 
  • Entertainment: What you may consider as best entertainment could be opposite from the views of another person. It is best to keep this topic to yourself. 

Humorous topics

Humorous topics are good, but they don’t fit in every situation. Unless you are specifically asked to choose such a topic, it is best to avoid it. Such topics fit better in the entertainment field. It will look unprofessional and inappropriate in the academic field. 

One of the ways to be a successful entrepreneur is to give everything that you do the seriousness it deserves. Give your common app essay seriousness, and the administrators will notice it. Avoid humorous topics such as “the origin of my nickname,” “the funniest day in my school life,” or “my best and worst exam days ever.” 

Sports story

It is okay to mention your participation in sports in high school. This shows you have a unique talent that can be beneficial to the institution. Regardless of its importance, avoid going deeper into writing the finer details. Avoid writing about specific games and how you scored, lost, who was the weak player, how many training sessions you attended, and the like. 

Just focus on mentioning how your participation in sports impacted your learning experience. Talk about the skills you gained and how they are related to your chosen subject. You learned self-awareness, discipline, time management, teamwork, and such important points. These are points that can add scores to your common app essay. 


The purpose of a common app essay is to provide the reader with a better understanding of who you are. It must focus on issues such as your motivation, lessons from obstacles, and personal growth. Avoid topics that portray you negatively, such as your relationships, drug life, and background. Such topics may sound okay, but they can deny you a chance to join your preferred college. It would be better for you to seek help from writing professionals than lose an opportunity due to your topic choice. 

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