Dehydration Prevention: How Infused Water Can Help

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“Is my own water consumption enough?”

Has this thought ever crossed your mind? Wondering whether the amount of water you consume is enough or not -is definitely confusing. We may know the basic principle of needing to drink at least 8 glasses of water. But what if we lost count during the day? Our busy schedule sometimes might confuse us, and make it hard to remember things, including how much of a glass of water we have drunk already.

Simple Signs The Body Needs Water

It is important for you to get to know and respond to the signal sent by the body when you need water. This will help to prevent you from having to encounter dehydration.

  • Dry Mouth

A dry mouth is one of the signals that the body gives when it needs more water intake. In addition to a lack of water, taking certain medications can also cause your mouth to become dry.

  • Dry Skin

Skin is the largest organ on your body, when you lack water -it will definitely give you signs. Lack of water in the body makes it difficult for you to sweat. This causes the body’s inability to clean the dirt on the skin. Thus, this can also lead to other skin issues, such as the appearance of acne.

Feeling Sleepy All The Time

Often feeling sluggish and sleepy? This is all a sign that you are not drinking enough water. If this happens, you should grab a glass of water to help you feel more refreshed.

Urine Volume And Color

This is the easiest way to check whether you have sufficient water intake or not. If you notice that you don’t pee as often or if your urine color is dark yellow, this is the ultimate sign that you are dehydrated. Your urine should look clear or golden yellowish to be considered normal.

After knowing the signs above, you notice that frequently you encounter the symptoms of getting dehydrated, but at the same time, you don’t like the taste of plain water

If so, the option to consume infused water instead can be another good option for you. Infused water is a plain water mixed with assorted pieces of fresh fruits and vegetables. This drink is very easy to make by yourself at home. You don’t need many expensive or difficult-to-find assortment to create it.

People usually make infused water with strawberries, lemon, cucumber, mint, raspberry, and basil. But overall, you can make infused water with any fruit or vegetable you see fit. Infused water is usually stored in a mineral water bottle and chilled in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours before you need to drink it. After being stored in the refrigerator, the fruit juice will blend better with the water.  

Benefits Of Infused Water

Aside from being able to help to prevent dehydration because it can help to maintain fluid levels in your body, there are other added benefits from drinking infused water every day. 

  • Help To Lose Weight

Infused water is very popular due to its effectiveness to be used for achieving weight loss. This is because infused water can help to suppress hunger by nourishing the body with the help of the various types of fruits and vegetables which are blended in the water.  

  • As A Natural Detox

Infused water can also help to detoxify the body naturally. This is because mineral water mixed with fruits is quite effective in removing toxins from the body. Later the toxin from inside will come out through sweat and urine.

  • Prevent Aging

Able to prevent the occurrence of aging is also one of the benefits of consuming infused water every day. So, if you want to look beautiful and youthful, infused water is one of the best drink choices you should opt too. Infused water contains high antioxidants which can help to ward off any free radicals.

  • Boost Immune System

Infused water can make your body more immune from any threat of disease. This is because infused water is very rich in vitamins that can make your body well-nourished. As a result, your body’s immune system becomes stronger and more effective in warding off various threats of disease that can harm the body.

  • Delicious Way To Take Vitamins

Drinking infused water can be a delicious way to take vitamins for those of you who don’t like to take vitamins in the form of tablets, capsules, or others. You will get enough vitamins that come from vegetables and fresh fruits.

See? Now you know, getting your body properly hydrated is not as difficult. You can prevent your body from getting dehydrated, and at the same time get many other benefits for your body by drinking infused water regularly!

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