6 Benefits of Designing Your Coffee Packaging for Both Sustainability and Shelf Appeal

Top 6 Benefits of Designing Your Coffee Packaging

When you walk down the coffee aisle, you’re immediately greeted by an endless array of options. Whether you want your coffee in a pod, as a bean, or in grounds, you’ll find plenty of selections to choose from. It’s difficult to stake your claim in such a saturated sector, but it’s not impossible. Investing in great packaging can give you a competitive edge that attracts shoppers. When you’re creating customized stand up pouches for your coffee products, consider the following six benefits of sustainability and shelf appeal.

1. Sustainability Is Highly Marketable

It’s no secret that shoppers want to feel good about the products they buy — this is the most fundamental principle of consumer psychology. Sustainability is an effective way to achieve this effect and give consumers the validation that they seek. Indeed, sustainable packaging reassures consumers that they’re making the right choice — and benefitting the environment — by buying an eco-friendly product.

2. Eye Catching Designs

Of course, sustainability alone is rarely enough to garner a sale. Shoppers are also interested in the quality of the product, the value of its price point, and the appeal of its packaging. The latter of these — appealing packaging — is especially important when you’re breaking into an industry as crowded as coffee. You need packaging that catches the eye of a shopper and invites them to try your product.

3. Target Your Ideal Customer

In order to craft packaging that connects with customers, you must determine who your intended customers are. If you’re selling a decaf coffee drink with novelty flavors, for example, you’re probably targeting people who enjoy fun drinks — not people who seek the energy of caffeine. Consider who your product appeals to so that you can develop packaging that appeals to them.

4. Keep Coffee Fresh for Longer

According to research, coffee can have a shelf life of up to five months if it is left unopened at room temperature. It can last much longer if you put it in the freezer, but there aren’t many people who will do that. You need packaging that will extend your product’s shelf life for as long as possible. Custom coffee packaging that features insulated layers can preserve freshness effectively.

5. Protect Coffee Beans from Damage

Staleness isn’t the only threat that your packaging must account for. You should also invest in packaging that protects your product from damage. Unfortunately, damage is a serious possibility at every step of the transit and distribution process. If a customer buys your coffee beans and discovers that many of them are crushed, they won’t be likely to buy your brand again. Choose protective packaging that keeps your coffee safe.

6. Craft Your Brand Through Packaging

Your packaging is an opportunity to craft a unique brand. When you review stick pouches packaging market trends, you’ll see that there are many ways to design and customize a completely innovative look. When your packaging is distinctive, your brand will be, too — and coffee consumers may be persuaded to try something new.

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