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The article, Dreka Pregnant Personal Trainer provides indispensable information about Kevin Gates’ wife’s pregnancy news and her relationships with the trainer.

You the type of person who loves to gossip? Are you aware of trending rumors being circulated on the internet about an American rapper’s wife? The news regarding the pregnancy of Dreka Gates is spreading Worldwide like a forest fire, but here in this article we will be discussing Dreka Pregnant Personal Trainer 

What is the trending issue?

Kevin Gates’s wife is Dreka Gates. Recently, the couple was not in a healthy relationship, so they are not together. The rapper recently released his new freestyle work, “Super General Freestyle.” In that song, Kevin mentioned about his relationship with his wife and claimed that she was cheating on him and she was pregnant with her personal trainer’s baby. 

But all these facts were delivered indirectly in the song lyrics, and nothing has been confirmed. Of course, the fans of Kevin interpreted the lyrics, but these can also be preconceived notions because this news wasn’t confirmed from the couple’s side.

Who Is Dreka Gates Personal Trainer

According to online sources, the Dreka Gates personal trainer is in his 50s. The personal trainer’s name was unknown, but he is 15 years older than Dreka. Currently, Dreka is 35 years old. According to circulating rumors, Dreka and her personal coach had a physical relationship while her husband, Kevin, was in prison. 

Her relationship with her coach blossomed during her husband’s prison period, and the outcome of the physical relationship made the fans to guess that she is pregnant with her 3rd child, whose father will be the trainer. But many sources claimed this was a rumor.

Rumor or a true story?

The Dreka Pregnant Personal Trainer is trending online because they are a celebrity couple. Kevin is a world-famous rapper and Dreka is a social media star with over a million followers. The couple own their record labels named “Breadwinners Association,” and Dreka is also the manager of Kevin’s musical work. 

The couple has been in a relationship for 7 years and has emerged as a perfect family with two kids. Recently, there have been many controversies revolve around the couple. One example is that Dreka is pregnant with her trainer’s child. Fans claimed that Dreka had gained some weight and her stomach was comparatively bumpier.

Song and its lyrics

Dreka Pregnant Personal Trainer rumors are spreading like a forest fire after the release of the free styled version of Kevin’s song’s title, “Super General.” During the recent Big Facts podcast program, Kevin mentioned that he was leading a miserable life even he tried to take his life on his own. 

And he was very mindful person, yet he shared his personal worries with the media. So the fans interlinked every incident and cooked up the pregnancy story. The fans of Dreka were against these rumors and allegations, meanwhile Dreka didn’t respond to any of these rumors.


Thus, the article Dreka Pregnant Personal Trainer did provide some unbiased information about the trending rumors about the Kevin gates’ wife. However, people should stop spreading this news because any of the parties didn’t confirm it. Moreover, it is a sensitive personal issue, which has to be handled very consciously, so people should give some private time to the couple. For more celebrity news.

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