5 Engagement Ring Trends To Look For In 2022

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The start of a new year indicates you will get to know about the latest trends. Everyone would look for new ways to stay in vogue. You will find similar trends when you look for engagement rings. 

Engagement is one of the memorable occasions of life. Everyone wants everything to be perfect, including engagement rings and other jewelry. Diamond rings are very close to a woman’s heart and turn out to be the perfect decision.

This article will discuss the top five diamond engagement ring trends you would love to look for in 2022.

Two Or Three Stone Diamonds

The pandemic has taught you to love your family more. And this belief applies to engagement rings this year. 

Two stone diamond rings represent your unique love stories with your partner. Similarly, three stone diamond rings reflect your love for your near and dear ones. With entering a huge world of mens gold rings you can find unique and interesting examples of jewelry that can not only show the power of your love, but be a great touch to any look. Love for your partner, your children, or your family.

Oval-Shaped Diamonds

Oval stones are also trending in this new year. It’s because these stones are finger-flattering. They make your hands look classic. The oval cut makes the diamond seem more extensive than its size. The shape of the rock adds a beautiful effect to your attire. 

Several reports reveal that there has been a surge in demand for oval engagement rings in the last half-decade. Hence, there is no doubt that there is a craze for oval-shaped engagement rings this year.

Bezel Settings

This year, the trend has powerful, robust sets- like sturdy bezel design engagement rings. This type of design will give a delicate aesthetic look.

People tend to avoid similar styles, and they look for something new. 

Everyone looks for designs to feel more modern, trendy, and unique.

Lab-grown Diamonds

Climate change has been a topic of discussion nowadays, especially for environmentally conscious people. Lab-created diamonds are their first choice for several reasons.

These diamonds don’t involve mining and make them look more ethical. You might be thinking that lab-grown diamonds have a smaller value than synthetic ones. But different gemologists suggest that synthetic diamonds are also genuine diamonds and are not fake. 

These diamonds have the same properties as mined diamonds. Even the cost of making a lab-created diamond is less than that of an excavated diamond. They are 20-40% less expensive than the latter.

Vintage Rings

Vintage rings will continue to stand as one of the most trending 2022 engagement rings. These rings are the trend embraced by celebrities like Kate Middleton, Olivia Wilde, and many other names.

A vintage engagement ring is not just a unique piece of jewelry but is also one of the most sustainable ways to limit wastage of resources.


We hope you got to know about the engagement ring trends that you could look for in this new year. Follow these trends to buy a new engagement diamond ring that would reflect your love for your partner. You must keep all the factors in mind while selecting the perfect ring. 

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