Eradicate Online Exam Cheating Via Proctored Exam

Eradicate Online Exam: Do you want to know about proctored exam? Want to get a clear idea about proctoring software? If yes, this guide can let you understand and collect the complete details. 

In general, the supervised exam is an essential exam in which a person will display and administer candidates throughout the examination. That person is known as a proctor. A proctor will authenticate students’ IDs, watch students ensure that they follow proper instructions and guidelines and keep track of time.

Proctored Exams Vs Exams without proctor

Generally, in a non proctored exam, there won’t be any supervisors or proctors present. During this exam, the textbooks are lawfully allowable for orientation. This exam is helpful to test the candidate’s problem-solving abilities instead of memorizing information.

The proctored exams are the common exam. These kinds of exams will be conducted in a classroom, and students have to write the exam on paper. During these instances, proctors are present to handle the essential process of exams. They will hand out the exam papers, manage their time length, and monitor students. 

Many students are currently studying, and many digital upgrades have evolved in the current trend. Therefore, proctoring has rehabilitated from administrators to online invigilating. These online exams can be either non-proctored or proctored (recorded or monitored live).

Why do schools prefer online proctoring?

At present, universities and schools favor online examining for numerous reasons. However, the primary reason is that extra pupils are switching their studies online. Hence unvarying examination formats have been converted into online platforms.  

Online exams are far better than physical exams. They can save a lot of institutions money. It can also be very convenient for students and teachers to correctly schedule an exam time and date. 

Instead of gathering all students in one place and conducting an exam, it is better to go online. There is no need for organization; simple time management is enough to complete an online exam successfully. Moreover, students who are parenting or working find it more valuable, and hence online proctoring is getting popular nowadays. 

There are some risks of cheating in online exams, so online proctoring comes. In addition, it can be helpful to monitor students’ property while taking an online exam and deter cheating. 

Working of online proctoring?

An online proctor will monitor the student by recording exam takers or administering over live video to daunt duplicitous. Have a look at the below to explore the overview of typical tests that can similar to the online proctoring. 

Beforehand the examination:

Live supervising will check out the student IDs before the exam to guarantee that the right pupil is presence. Such a process can be done through either live verification or auto authentication. 

  • Live authentication

A live proctor will make a face comparison with the student’s ID through live authentication. 

  • Auto verification

Students initiate by validating their individuality via taking a photograph of their look and ID, putting a biometric autograph or replying challenge questions. 

During the exam:

The online supervising stages effectively monitor students during the exam in a few different ways. It will include live proctoring, involuntary proctoring or record-and-review proctoring. 

  • Automatic invigilating

Spontaneous invigilating is when students’ environments can be monitored for movement and sound. 

  • Record-and-evaluating supervising

The record and evaluation invigilating are when the exam can be recorded to be studied when the assessment is finished. It denotes that the apprentice never is monitored during an exam, but it can deter cheating by the knowledge it can be reviewed. 

  • Live supervising

This live invigilating is a simple method that involves a live invigilator similar to the tutorial room. But it is over online. Hence students can attend exams from home.

Matter of Duplicitous:

The cheating issue exists in the front with online exams. However, cheating can be simple and more manageable with non-proctored online exams. Hence online supervising can be geared in the direction of averting duplicitous by monitoring the environment of students. 

It can be done via monitoring students’ computer screens, requesting the video swing of students’ rooms, or watching students on the video to ensure no information or textbooks are available. 

Aspirant responses to proctored exams:

At present, countless undergraduates have expressed their opinion about online proctoring. In addition, they have reacted by means of concern for the confidentiality of the students in occurrences where their rooms or screens are observed.  

However online examinations are convenient for a specific set of students and other students, they find the indispensable online supervising to be intrusive or invasive.  

Students are narrated feeling uncomfortable about having invigilators notice them in their dormitory accommodations. They are entreated to eliminate decor or items from the area. Then gloss more light to be noticeable or other requirements

What is online proctoring software?

The online proctoring software is the high-tech software for various online exams that invigilate students using advanced AI mechanisms. It ensures that in online proctored exams, cheating is impossible. 

What are proctoring services?

The proctoring services offer the state-of-the-art, most sought-after, cloud-based online proctoring features that let academician’s proctor and host online exams properly. In addition, it eliminates possibilities of impersonation, minimizes browsing tolerance, and offers better results to administrators. 

Online talent assessments and online certification examinations have become quite the standard. Most schools, universities and educational institutes conduct exams online to ensure education and learning continuity and overcome disruptions in the education system.

You can explore innumerable benefits of conducting online exams without any issues. Generally, an exam requires marking and invigilation and standardization. 

These kinds of activities need employing an expensive workforce, scheduling and planning. It can be automated while conducting remote exams to save significant resources. Here it will lend convenience to the complete process by using proctoring software. 

The suitable online proctoring software is highly preferred for many educational institutes.


From the scenario mentioned above, now you have got a better idea about the process of proctored exams and proctoring software. Everyone can grab huge advantages through this online proctoring. Now it is the correct time to discourage duplicitous in exams using online proctoring. 

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