Dossier: The Affordable Alternative to Your Favorite High-end Fragrances

Complete Information About Dossier The Affordable Alternative to Your Favorite High-end Fragrances

Everybody likes smelling luxurious, but we cannot deny the fact that high-end fragrances have started costing an arm and leg. If you are thinking about switching your favorite perfume to a cheaper one, 


In this article we will be talking about a brand that is providing high-end fragrances at reasonable rates, so you never run out of yours. 

Dossier, The Fair Alternative

Dossier is a US-based brand that produces promising dupes of high-end market brands with the exact scent. One of their hot-selling fragrance is “woody chestnut” which is a perfect dupe of Mason Margiela’s replica by the fireplace. The original replica by the fire costs around $135 but at Dossier, you can only get it for $29!

With magical ingredients like pink pepper and cloves, a perfect blend of Gaiac and Cade woods, and this smokey fragrance with a touch of chestnut aroma, this scent is all you need for a perfect day!

Dossier’s main aim is to make luxurious fragrances accessible to everyone. Another perfume that’s pretty popular in the market, but has a hefty price tag is Gucci’s bloom, which originally retails for $108 but Dossier is selling its perfect dupe Floral Honeysuckle for only $39. 

What Makes Dossier so Reasonable?

It makes sense to wonder why a brand would be so inexpensive in a market where scents frequently cost a fortune. Dossier produces low-cost fragrances, but there is a secret to its business model.

The dossier was introduced mostly in response to the buzz surrounding pricey fragrances on the market and the way consumers are being tricked into buying things that aren’t truly worth their money.

Dossier believes in providing affordable yet top-quality products to its customers. This is why they spend a very minimum amount of money on marketing, and almost none to get their product endorsed by celebrities. The packaging is simple, and recyclable as well which saves them a few bucks.

Why Should You Choose Dossier?

Dossier aims to provide its customer with chemical and cruelty-free products. Not just that, its packaging is eco-friendly as well! Another thing that we don’t find in most brands these days is integrity, Dossier is very transparent about its Agenda. Whether it is the ingredient list or the pricing of their products, they mention everything overtly on their website.

Dossier has a wide range of perfumes catering to all gender needs. They have a unisex category as well. Another cherry on top is their return policy! Here’s how it works: if you have bought a scent, and you don’t like it, you can return it and get a full refund. And if you’re wondering where these used bottles go? Dossier donates them to charity.


If you’re looking for branded perfumes at cheap prices, dossier is the perfect solution for all your scent needs. They have a holiday sale going on, with up to 40% off. So don’t miss out on this amazing offer, and grab your favorite now!

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