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fone token Contract address has shared relevant details on a mobile-friendly cryptocurrency platform allowing gaming, NFT trading, and other activities.

Cryptocurrency investors and traders Worldwide Are compelled to remain updated due to daily new development in this industry. Fone is the latest to enter this field with a portfolio of games and apps on its platform. It is a mobile-friendly platform developed for NFT, cryptocurrency, and game lovers.

There are around six games and apps available on this platform that can be downloaded for Google Play. To know everything about this platform, keep reading the fone token contract address crypto post till the end.

About Fone Dev Platform:

Fone is a mobile-friendly platform built to enable users to participate in this industry without technical expertise. 

It is built on the Solana blockchain and will allow its user to play games, trade NFT and reduce carbon emission within the fone ecosystem.

It has developed six apps and games for performing different activities, which we have listed below.

  • Crypto Cards
  • Green Karma
  • Crypto Planet
  • Cloud Earning
  • Greenspace NFT
  • Crypto Treasures.

People interested in cryptocurrency can download this app from Google Play. To get details like Fone Crypto Price, Market Cap, and supply, on Fone token keep reading this crypto article. 

Founder of Fone Cryptocurrency Coin:

There is not much information about the platform founder at present, but they are on most social media sites. The company is available on Discord community chat.

Fone Token Market Cap, Supply, and other statistics:

The coin is currently trading on the Latoken cryptocurrency exchange. Some of the data related to it are given below.

  • Market cap – $98.9k
  • Maximum token supply – 10000000000 token
  • Circulating supply of the token – 6.2 billion token
  • Initial collection of Fone – 6200000000

Current Fone Crypto Price:

The coin is trading at $0.00001547 at present, a 15 percent decrease in price in the last 24 hours. Since it is a new token, people should analyze it properly as detailed information is lacking.

How to Buy Fone Token:

  • Open an account on the Trust Wallet on your mobile phone.
  • Search for custom tokens and look for the Solana network.
  • Put the contract address of Fone Token in the given place.
  • After the contract address, put FONE in the place of Token.
  • Click the DONE button to complete the transaction.

What is the fone token contract address?

The contract address of any crypto coin is important for blockchain-based currency, and people should copy and paste it into the proper place. The contract address for the Fone token is given below.

  • ATZERmcPfopS9vGqw9kxqRj9Bmdi3Z268nHXkGsMa3Pf

Please do all research work before putting money in this new token.


  • Fone is built on which blockchain?

This coin is based on the Solana blockchain.

  • The exchange on which Fone is trading at present?

It is trading on the Latoken cryptocurrency exchange.

  • What is the website address of Fone Token?

Click here to access the official website of this token.  

 Final verdict:

According to the fone token Contract address, this platform has developed an ecosystem in which most of the activities related to the crypto industry can be performed. 

Since it is a new coin with few available details, an investor should collect more information before investing.

Crypto enthusiasts can share their thoughts on the Fone coin in the comment section below.

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  1. The contract address is not working. I tried to add it using Solana chain it did not work. I even tried Ethereum and smart chain same thing. Pls look into it and let us know.

    1. Apologizes for the inconvenience, but the information mentioned here is based on the internet’s research. You can either take a financial advisor’s help or visit the official site for better results.

    1. Hi, you can check the complete blog for your query. Also, you can check the official website by clicking on the green highlighted phrase for more details related to your query.

  2. Why is the contract address not working..can you send the right contract address and also the decimal and symbol

    1. Hi, All the details mentioned here are based on the internet’s research. You can access the official site for this token given in the blog highlighted with green for detailed information.

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