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Friendly Lab Diamond Rings: The answer is quite simple. But before we get to it, let’s look at exactly what a lab diamond is all about. 

What is a Lab Diamond? 

Lab diamonds are precious gemstones formed by creating the same conditions that make mined stones. A mined stone is formed when the earth’s carbon deposits are exposed to high temperatures and pressure. A lab grown diamond is created when a diamond seed is placed in a controlled laboratory setup and subjected to high temperatures and pressure. Hence a lab diamond ring shall have an eco friendly diamond on it. And a normal diamond ring shall have a mined stone on it.      

The Differentiation Between Lab Diamonds And Mined Diamonds

In essence, there isn’t much difference between lab gems and mined stones as both are formed of the same carbon particles under the same environmental conditions. 

The most significant difference is that of its source. Mined stones come straight from the earth. In comparison, lab grown diamonds are created in laboratories and are an eco-friendly, sustainable choice. 

There is also a massive difference in the time taken for the stones to form. Mined stones can take billions of years to develop, while a lab gem takes approximately six to ten weeks to be created.      

Although mined stones are natural, they come at a heavy price. The diamond mining industry is known for its adverse effects on the environment. The hydrocarbons and fuel sources utilized in the mining procedures reduce air quality leading to pollution and climate change. Soil sifting that ultimately leads to soil erosion is also a grave source of concern when it comes to mining. A large number of trees are sometimes also cut, leading to deforestation and the destruction of ecosystems when mining stones from the earth. And if that wasn’t enough, there are also humanitarian concerns to worry about, something the gemstone mining industry is infamous for. Measures have been taken to curb the mining of conflict-free stones, but lab created diamonds are a hundred percent conflict free.  

So back to our original question.

Are Lab Diamond Rings Better?

Yes, invariably so, they are better. The lab grown gem is a sustainable, eco-friendly precious stone with the same sparkle and shine as mined stones. They are created in a shorter time without causing severe problems to the environment as they go through rigorous environmentally conscious procedures. They also come with certifications from leading diamond grading institutions that recognize its quality; cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. And they are also affordable, making them a budget-friendly option when celebrating precious landmark moments.

Based in New York, Friendly Diamonds is an environmentally conscious online jewelry brand that offers eco-friendly and sustainable diamond jewelry. The brand has a seamless online portal that gives its customers the opportunity to create their own rings, earrings, and pendants precisely as desired. Every diamond bought is IGI/GIA certified and a hundred percent conflict-free. 

You can create your very own engagement ring and other jewelry here. 

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