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Gen Hoshino Coin Fortnite states the recent updates on the games and ways to unlock features by listening to the concert.

Are you a gamer who loves to play Fortnite games all day? Are you aware of the latest updates that might bring you happy tears? Yes! The Soundwaves series has returned to the Fortnite game to provide extra coins and XP. This game is more prevalent in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and several other countries. This article will discuss the latest updates on Gen Hoshino Coin Fortnite.

Music Quest

Gen Hoshino is the world-famous Japanese pop star who has again collaborated with Epic Games to perform in the second version of the Soundwaves series. And in the live music quest event, his recorded concert will be telecast for 72 hours till September 2, 2022. 

At the latest concert, the attendees will get a chance to win a unique cosmetic named “new gen Hoshino spray”. After the concert, the players can collect their free coins and XP. This update has been trending on the internet, and the Epic Games team confirmed it. And in the future, the French singer Aya Nakamura will also be part of this series.

Gen Hoshino Coin Fortnite

There was an emote to be released at the previous soundwaves concert, but they didn’t release it then. So fans are expecting the special emote item called the “Koi Dance Emote”. After attending the live concert and completing the required quest, players will be rewarded with coins, 40000 XP, and sprays.

But the Epic Games team released an official statement on the gifts that only, the new attendees would get all three ie, coins, XO, and gen spray. The players who attended the previous Gen Hoshino concert will get the coins and XP alone.

How to watch it?

Gen Hoshino Coin Fortnite show can be watched in two ways. 

  • Players have to type the sound wave series of Gen Hoshino into the discovery tiles in the game, and they can watch the concert.
  • Players can also watch the concert by playing other games, such as battle royale, etc., via picture-to-picture options.

How to get the coins?

  • Players have to switch the game mode to the soundwave series. Then players can watch the concert by playing the games.
  • Concert will also release some music notes, which, when collected, will give the extra XP.
  • After the end of the Gen Hoshino Coin Fortnite Concert, the coins will appear on the gaming platform.
  • After accepting the coins, the players should return to the main menu. The players will receive XP for watching the music quest in that menu.
  • Music Quest coin collections will be available for fewer days, so players have to act quickly.
  • The players can also listen to his concert for the second time. But they will not get any freebies for listening to it.


As a result, the update caught everyone off guard, and the Epic Games team strongly advised against broadcasting Gen Hoshino Coin Fortnite concert on another medium for profit. The previous show received many positive reviews and accolades, but some criticized the pop artist for his songs. Still, he has decided to perform for his fans. Players can know more about.  

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