Global Children’s Challenge

The Global Children’s Challenge just might be the perfect compliment to iWalk (International Walk to School) this fall. For those looking to take their walking to the next level, the GCC gives classes 50 days – and all the resources they need, including pedometers, maps, etc. – to walk all the way around the world.

“Facilitated by teachers within classrooms, the Global Children’s Challenge empowers children to change their relationship with exercise, their bodies and the environment. The benefits extend beyond making exercise easy and fun – it complements the curriculum, covering everything from geography and social studies to history and technology.”

The Challenge is free to join, but requires an application and dedicated teachers. Registration is open, and the event kicks off on Thursday, September 15th 2011 – so if your class is ready to taking walking to the next level, head over the the Global Children’s Challenge website and sign up:

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