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You may learn the basics of this game from the entry on Google Dreidel Com, and we aim to answer all of your questions below.

Are you sick and tired of those outdated games? Do you want to play recently launched games? Players in the United States, Australia, Canada, and Brazil are interested to know about the latest games in the market. Dreidel com is one such game that is getting attention from the players. Additionally, it is supported by GOOGLE and allows the players to use Google Assist for playing this game.

The information here regarding the Google Dreidel Com game is focused. Read further to understand.

What is 

As per our expert research, we found that does not exist. However, we found many websites that are available in the market to play the game Dreidel. So, let us understand the meaning of Dreidel.

Dreidel is a spinning top with four sides. On each side of these spinning tops, we can find the printed letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Dreidel is usually played by children, during their holidays for a Jewish festival named Hanukkah. In the Google Dreidel com game, players spin a Dreidel and bet upon the Hebrew letter that appears when the spinning stops. 

Rules and Instructions for the game 

The Dreidel game can be played by any number of people, regardless of age, even though children typically play it. The original Dreidels, manufactured in ancient times, are formed out of clay. However, the majority of modern Dreidels are made of wood and plastic. 

Read the rules further.

  • Begin the game with the introduction Game.
  • There are ten to twenty pieces of candies per participant.
  • At the start of the Google Dreidel Com game player should assemble in a circle at a table or on the floor.
  • Only a single Dreidel will be allowed at a time.
  • A piece of wood flooring or a table should be a firm surface.
  • Each player receives an equal amount of candy. 
  • Each participant places one unit of it towards the central “pot” at the start of the round.

Know the meaning if Hebrew letters in Dreidel

Each participant spins the Dreidel once. Every Hebrew letter has a particular meaning that is also important to the game. 

Below are some examples of Hebrew letters printed on the Google Dreidel Com game:

  • Nun: The spinner has no effect when the Dreidel lands without a ‘Nun’ facing up.
  • Gimmel: The spinner receives the entire pot if the Dreidel falls with a ‘Gimmel’ facing up.
  • Hey: The spinner wins half of the pot if the Dreidel falls with a ‘Hey’ facing up.
  • Shin: The player places a game piece into the pot if the Dreidel spins with a lower leg or a ‘Shin’ pointing up.
  • A player is eliminated from the game after they run out of game pieces.


In conclusion, this article has provided knowledge on the classic Dreidel and discussed its rules, occurrences, and how Google made it available online. To learn more about the Dreidel game, click this link.

Did you ever play the Google Dreidel Com game? Tell us yourx experience in the comments.

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