How To Take Care Of Hand-Tied Hair Extensions?

How To Take Care Of Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Many women use hand-tied hair extensions regularly. They will not shy away from agreeing that looking after hand-tied hair extensions is a tedious task. Many women also regard this task as high maintenance. This article will discuss how you can take care of your hair extensions and look your best every day of the week. 

If you decide to go for hand tied extensions, you’ll have to look after them for one or two days a week, which will help you look more presentable on other days of the week. You need to be extra cautious with your hair extensions when you wash your hair. 

Essential Tips For Taking Care Of Hand-Tied Hair Extensions


Brushing the hair extensions is crucial in maintaining them. But, first, you need to make sure that the hand-tied hair doesn’t get tangled with each other. If the hair extensions get trapped, then it can cause damage to your natural hair as well as your extensions. 

To brush your hair correctly, you can use a crocodile clip. You can start by gathering all your natural hair from the bottom row and the natural hair above and clip them together over your head. 

This grip will allow you to detangle your natural hair thoroughly without any hassle. You need to brush your hair like this before and after washing. You need to brush your hair layer by layer; following this process; you’ll guarantee not to damage your hair. 


After you have detangled the hair thoroughly, you are ready to clean and condition them. 

First, you’ll need to section your hair similarly as you did while brushing them. It would help if you used paraben-free shampoo to wash your hair. Start gently massaging your scalp with the shampoo, then rub between the rows of hair and above them. Next, try to wash your hair with lukewarm water. It is not entirely necessary to clean the ends of your hair, but it is essential to wash the scalp of your hair. 


Once you clean your hair, you can remove all the excess water from your hair. Next, gently apply a little conditioner to your hair, and then rub the conditioner through the length of your hair. 

Ideally, it would be best to use a wide tooth hair comb to detangle all the hair from the comb. Then, leave the conditioner for just five minutes in your hair. After that, thoroughly rinse your hair and remove all the conditioner. 


Dab or blot your hand tied extensions with a cotton towel. You should gently remove all the extra water from your head. Rubbing the head with force will damage the hair. You can also use a special detangling comb or brush to straighten your hair while your hair extensions are still damp. It is best if you divide your hair into sections.

If your hair is very wet, then you can dry your hair on medium heat. Your hair must be dehydrated before you use any brush on them. Remember not to use a round brush on your hair as it will damage the hair extensions and your natural hair. 

Curling your hair extensions is also a simple task. First, you need to section and divide your natural hair from the artificial hair. Then run the hair extensions through a curling iron. Running the hair through the curler once or twice will make your hair look more polished and smooth. 

Final Thoughts

Looking after your hair is not as tedious as it may seem. You can get healthy and glowing hair with just a little care and attention. In addition, your new hand-tied hair extensions will increase the density of your hair. 

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