HASTe Goes off to College

HASTe staff were invited to teach a special topics course on active school travel at Langara College in Vancouver. This was an exciting opportunity, because although the longform of our name includes that catchall “School”, it’s not often we get to work in a post-secondary environment.

The course was attended by students and faculty from the Applied Planning Program and focused on the benefits of active transportation and how it applies to planning for communities, campuses, and cities. Learn more about HASTe’s approach to these topics after the break.

Of course, we were most interested in what students thought of the transportation situation at Langara, so we spent the afternoon in breakout groups discussing issues related to active travel to and from campus. Key stakeholders from the College, including staff from TravelSmart joined the class to help lead the discussion and explore potential solutions.

The session ended with a list of action items for Langara as it applies to improving active travel on and off campus. We’re excited for the next steps!

Thanks again to Kathryn Nairne for the invitation and Raymond Yeung and Marriee Devereaux for participating in the workshop.

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