HASTe School Travel Planning in Oak Bay

Last week HASTe staff hosted a School Travel Planning (STP) Workshop in Oak Bay, Victoria BC.

This 3 hour workshop is designed to help communities learn more about School Travel Planning, and how it can help solve their seemingly never-ending school traffic congestion problems. Learn more about the HASTe STP workshop and how to bring it to your community after the break.

Oak Bay Councilor Michelle Kirby sees the value in a School District 61 School Travel Planning process. In less than a month, she single handedly rallied community champions and stakeholders from across the Capital Regional District. With close to 40 participants attending last week’s workshop, HASTe had an opportunity to share present School Travel Planning success stories to representatives from across the region, and inspire SD 61 to get things rolling for Fall 2014. Councilor Kirby is currently tallying up a list of grants and funds from a number of different sources in order to fund a shared facilitator to pilot School Travel Planning in Oak Bay, Saanich and Victoria for the 2014-2015 school year.

The Oak Bay workshop is one of three FREE workshops HASTe is offering to interested municipalities this year to help build capacity and interest for School Travel Planning. Our STP workshop offers a unique opportunity to bring key community stakeholders together to A) learn more about School Travel Planning and B) create next steps and actions to bring the program to their schools.

If you’re interested in having HASTe host a workshop in your community, please get in touch.

To read more about the workshop and Michelle’s efforts in Oak Bay, click here.

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