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Gaming Tips Heardle Answer Today March 11 2022

To all those wondering about the Heardle Answer Today March 11 2022, read this article to fetch the name for artist and song.

Are you a wordle fan? Have you heard about Heardle before? What is the difference between Heardle and Wordle? Why is wordle at a hype? What is the answer to the Heardle daily quiz for 11th March?

Heardle, Wordle, and Quardle- these three guessing games are tending over the internet in Ireland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and many other parts of the world.

Today in this article, we will be revealing the answers for Heardle Answer Today March 11 2022finding out easy solutions for the next level!

Answer for Today’s Heardle – March 11, 2022

Before we provide the solutions for the 11th March puzzle, here are some hints related to the same. The introduced song was recorded back in 2009 and released on 21st January 2010.

Rob Swire has produced this song, launched under the SRP label. It was sung by a Barbadian actress, singer, businesswoman, and fashion designer.

If you still can’t guess this song, so let us tell you the direct answer, i.e., Rude Boy. 

How to Play the Game to find Heardle Answer Today March 11 2022?

Now that we have slight hints for the puzzle related to Heardle Answer Today, new readers might be wondering the rules for this game. We have summed up a few steps for your clarity, facilitating easy guesses and answers for you.

Players first need to have an active internet connection to begin the game.

  • Players will be introduced to a second clip of the song, starting it from 1 second, 2 seconds, and later 6 seconds.
  • After this clip, a countdown will begin on their screen, giving players a limited time to guess the same.
  • They need to enter their guessed answers in given blocks for Heardle Answer Today March 11 2022and the color of the same will help find whether its correct or not.

As many players are still confused with the gameplay’s introduction, so let us introduce the same in brief acknowledgement. 

About Heardle Game

Heardle is a song guessing game where players are introduced to a few seconds’ hint, and they further need to find out the song and artist’s name.

It gives six guesses to players where they can guess the introduced song. If you succeed in guessing the same within the first few tries, you will be rewarded with bonus points. After that, Heardle introduces its daily challenges, and levelling up for the players.

Lastly, before going on conclusion for Heardle Answer Today March 11 2022, let us guide to with some rules to play this game. 

Rules to Play the Game

Rules for this game are:

  • With the introductory clip, they need to guess the song.
  • With each incorrect guess, they will have an option to unlock the next song.
  • Correct guesses will help with rewarded bonuses and scores.


Now that we have all the details for this game, let’s find the answers for the 11th March puzzle. Song introduced is Rude Boy and it was sung by Rihanna, Heardle Answer Today March 11 2022. 

Check out the details for Rude Boy to know more about this song.

IF this article helped you with all the related answers, please share your views about it in the comments section below.

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