Home from Kelowna: HASTe attends The 2012 Building Sustainable Communities Conference

Last week HASTE attended the Building Sustainable Communities Conference in snowy Kelowna. The conference was a great chance for us to connect with a whole bunch of people who are very enthusiastic about making our communities better places to live. And although we didn’t spot the legendary Ogopogo, here’s what we did discover…

We started our conference adventure at the transportation workshop and learned that places all over the world are using similar approaches to increasing active school travel as we are here in Canada. New Zealand, a country famous for creating the walking school bus, has also been doing a wonderful job promoting bike trains (they call them cycle trains in Kiwi land). Sounds like fun? You bet, mate!

As spring approaches and the weather improves, HASTE’s resources provides all the necessary information you need to get a walking school bus or bike train started at your school.

On the last day of the conference we attended the Youth Engagement workshop about building tomorrow’s leaders today, and honestly, we left feeling very confident knowing that the world is in the hands of some extremely intelligent and responsible youth. There are so many amazing youth leadership initiatives happening across the province from organizations like yesBC! and Sustainable Cities. HASTE is stoked!

Lastly, despite the snow we were determined to experience Kelowna by bike and we were impressed with the new bike infrastructure the city has built. Way to Go Kelowna! We hope to see more designated bike lanes in the future.

Thanks for such a great conference!

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