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This news blog is a complete discussion on House of the Dragon Time Period which is a part of Game of thrones. Keep in contact with us for more.

Are you a fan of watching series? Do you also love gamea of thrones? Well, most series lovers have Game of Thrones on their priority list.  

This series has a huge fan base in the countries like the United States and various parts of the world. Are you here while searching for the House of the dragon? We have done the work for you. Read this article on House of the Dragon Time Period to know more.

About House of Dragon:

On July 20, House of the Dragon which is the sequel to Game of Thrones, published a first detailed teaser in advance of the actors and creators’ presentation at Comic-Con International in San Diego.The original show draws its main plot from Fire and Blood, while both are inspired by the works of writer George R.R. Martin.

Although the name has altered few times, House of the Dragon was in progress for several years. Martin responded to the announcement of the season that was revealed in 2019 on his post about House of the Dragon Time Period.

It was the first idea that it will be presented in HBO when they originally began discussing a replacement program in the summertime of 2016. 

200 years before occurrences of Game of Thrones and House of a Dragon took place. It recounts the eventual demise of Houses Targaryen, such as the Targaryen civil war, commonly known as Dance of the Dragons and stars. The upcoming American TV episodes of House of the Dragon was created by Ryan J. Condal with George R. R. Martin for a famous production named HBO. It is a sequel to Martin’s 2018 book Fire and Blood with the 2011 to 2019 TV show Game of Thrones. 

Announcements on House of the Dragon Time Period:

In Oct 2019, House of the Dragon was given a clear order. Recruiting will start in July 2020, and in the UK, the main shooting starts in April 2021. The show follows the start of House Targaryen’s demise and is set 200 years prior to the end of Game of Thrones.

The program’s first episode is going to be released on Aug 21, 2022. First season will include 10 episodes..

What is the objective of Game of Thrones?

Although like in many mystery novels, there is no direct connection to the History of the earth, Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon Time Period portrays a world that closely mimics the Dark Ages of Earth on the fictitious continent of Westeros and Essos. 

Swordplay, magic, and mythical animals like dragons are all included in the novel, but they are not given as much attention as palace conspiracies and human stories.


Game of Thrones is a very popular series. Finally, the wait for the most requested sequel is over now. The most asked question was related to the House of dragons. We have listed the relevant details specifically selected to clear your queries. Read the complete article on House of the Dragon Time Period. 

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