How Bikes Make Cities Cool

Have you been to Portland lately? It could be one of the coolest cities in North America and now made even cooler by this video. We particularly like the footage of the school bike train (starting at 2:00). In fact, HASTE has some very exciting and similar projects on the go right here in BC.

In New Westminster we have developed a program based around the bike train idea called a Bike Pool.

The (real) Bike Pool program allows students a chance to ride with a trained adult instructor every day to and from school for a full week. Students receive valuable on-road training, familiarity with the safest routes, and a chance to meet up and ride with friends. Parents are encouraged to join as well! We piloted the program last fall at École Glenbrook Middle School and we are planning to run the program again in September. Here are some pictures of last year’s fun!

Bike Pool participants get goofy before the ride home.

Trained instructor ensures students are riding safely and confidently.

This May we’re going one step further and providing bike education and skills training to all grade 5 students at four different elementary schools in New Westminster. Next fall as those students arrive at École Glenbrook Middle School the bike pool program will be waiting for them!

Promoting active school travel and building a strong bike culture at schools really makes us happy at HASTE. We hope that next year’s Bike Pool program will be a huge success so that other schools around the province will want to jumli>in! We’ll keep you posted.

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