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Curious about How Long To Emos Live? Read all about the trending joke that took over the internet. 

Wondering what exactly the age of Emos? What is this whole age of emos joke about? Read to find out about the trending TikTok meme.

This joke is another version of the famous phrasal template How Long Do X Live. TikTok users all around the globe are excitedly following the trend.

The How Long To Emos Live joke is trending Worldwide.

What is this whole meme about?

The trending videos on TikTok show the user searching the age of emos on Google, and then they message their Emo friends with emotional ‘I will never forget you’ messages. They also use the song ‘Never Forget You’ in the video.

Tiktokers love this idea of a joke to pick on their friends purposefully. 

If you are wondering just exactly how long emos live, well, according to the search results in all these funny TikTok, Emos lives up to 10-13 years. Since that’s a short period, the Tiktokers express their grievance to their Emo friends.

The trend of How Long To Emos Live sound similar, right?

You are right, and it seems like you are an avid TikTok fan. Your guess is correct, and the meme is similar to a previous trend of ‘How long do idiots live’.

A few days ago, the ‘how long do idiots live’ trend surfaced, wherein people were searching the age of idiots on Google. Turns out that the result of their search was 12-15 years. 

Similar to the previous trend of How long do idiots live, people are asking google the age of Emos. 

Who is an Emo, according to this meme?

Well, an Emo in the How Long To Emos Live trend is a person who follows the whole punk rock music culture. These individuals are associated with the subculture and musical style. They express themselves through music and other various forms of expression.

Well, there is nothing wrong with being emo. Any sane person will understand that the total search result is a joke, which should not be taken seriously. the trend is just for fun and not

The trend is a light joke and should be treated as one. Also, you should be careful while doing this joke on your friend as it can lead to a big disappointment for your friend. While making the How Long To Emos Live, you should take care not to hurt someone’s

joke as the trend is just for fun and not to hurt someone’s sentiments. 

Also, we should note here that there is nothing wrong with being emo. 


How long does Emo’s live be a trending joke on Tiktok? The joke is similar to a previous trend where netizens ask google about the age of an idiot. The same follows in this trend, and people ask google the age of emos ad then express empathy to their emo friend.

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