How To Fight The Hair Loss Problem

complete guide to How To Fight The Hair Loss Problem

How To Fight The Hair Loss Problem: Males and females both can face the hair loss problem. The hair loss problem has two reasons behind it – internal and external. Internal means your genes, stress, and nutrients. External reasons are weather and pollution.

How Gene Can Prevent Your Hair Growth?

Now, genes play a vital role in hair loss. However, if you supply your hair with the right amount of nourishment, then your hair loss problem may reduce.

Health-centered hair loss problems often occur when your hair suffers from the shortage of protein and vitamins. But, you may think that you are eating sufficient food and you are drinking plenty of water. So, how can your body fail to supply vitamins to your hair?

The answer to this question may not be short. First of all, your genes sometimes don’t support your hair growth. So, your body doesn’t supply the right amount of protein and vitamins to your hair root. As a result, your hair begins to fall. Thus, you begin to lose your hair.

How Is Weather Responsible For Your Hair Loss?

Every day when you travel you expose your hair to pollution. The dust particles in the air can make your hair dry and your hair may begin to weaken. Apart from that, extreme heat and sweat can also be the reason behind your hair fall. So, you have to keep your hair clean everyday.

Can Stress Cause Hair Fall?

Stress is perhaps the biggest reason behind the hair fall problems. When you are under stress and you are anxious, your body may stop producing some hormones. In reality, hormone levels are crucial for new hair growth. Everyday more than 50 hairs can fall. But, when you are under stress, your body won’t support new hair growth. Naturally, the hair follicles won’t be producing new hair.

So, How To Fight The Hair Loss Problem?

1) Wash Your Hair Properly

Hundreds of years ago people washed their hair with water. Then, the Earth was not so polluted. But, now you have to clean your hair everyday.

Shampoos are the best option to wash your hair. However, shampoos with vitamins and proteins can reach your hair roots directly. Jonsson protein shampoo and conditioner is a great example of such a shampoo. When your body stops supplying nutrients to your hair root, shampoo is the best option.

After washing your hair with shampoo, your hair may lose its moisture. If you have dry skin, then dry hair is not good for you. Conditioner can lock the moisture in your hair. So, you should use a conditioner right after applying the shampoo.

2) Eat Nutritious Foods

Sometimes junk food and oily foods can kill your hair. Therefore, you should always try to eat vegetables and fruits. Avoid too much oil in your food and you should drink a good amount of water.

3) Sleep and Relax

Stress is not good for your hair. Therefore, you should listen to good music and you should go to bed on time. Spending a good time with your family and friends can keep your mind stress free. Moreover, meditation and yoga can also help you to lead a healthy life.

Hair is a truly delicate part of the human body. Hence, you should always take care of your hair. Jonsson protein shampoo and conditioner have active ingredients and keratin. That’s why when you wash your hair with it, your hair receives proper nourishment through it. So, choose a good shampoo and keep your hair healthy and strong.

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