New Labour Law Guide: Everything You Must Know About Employer’s Obligations

New Labour Law Guide

The UAE announced its updated Federal Decree Law no. 33 explaining employment relationship regulation in 2021. This new labour law explains the obligations of both employees and employers in a balanced manner in order to establish a healthy employment relationship. It also describes the rights of employees and employers which need to be followed strictly. A complete guide has been provided by federal law on the obligations of the employers. In the case of HR outsourcing in UAE, the outsourced employer also needs to follow the same rules provided by the labour law regarding the employer’s obligations.

What Are Employer’s Obligations In New Labour Law

Following is all the detail that the new labour law has given about the obligations of employers;

  • The employer, according to this federal law, is obliged to maintain the record and data of the employees according to the regulations prescribed by the Ministry. If an employee leaves the job, the employer still needs to keep the record and files of that employee for up to 2 consecutive years starting from the day of the end of service of the employee.
  • The employer is supposed to return the official documents of the employee when he leaves the job or is unemployed. Also, the employer can not force the employee to leave the UAE after the employment relationship ends. The same rule is to be followed by the employers involved in HR outsourcing in UAE.
  • The employer is obliged to explain to the employee all the rules and regulations of the company including rewards, penalties, promotions, and other instructions about work. Also, the employer needs to explain to the employee the obligations that the labour law implicates on him. All this needs to be done during the time of employment. Also, these details can be written in the employment contract. Since HR outsourcing in UAE is also encouraged by the new labour law, HR outsourcing companies also need to consider this information.
  • When it comes to the accommodation of the employees, the employer has two options available. Either the employer can provide the employee with the accommodation according to the rules and regulations that are currently in force in the UAE or the employer can provide the accommodation expenses to the employee in cash as a part of the wage. Both original employers and employers in HR outsourcing in Dubai are obliged to follow the same rule.
  • Employers are obliged to invest in employees in order to develop their skills according to their work. Also, the employer can provide minimum employment tools, qualifications, and training to the employees in accordance with the regulations provided by federal law. Since human resource consulting is a major trend nowadays in the UAE, human resource consulting firms also need to comply with the employer’s obligations.
  • Employers, according to the new labour law, are obliged to provide the employees with complete protection from the risk of disasters, injuries, and diseases that can occur within the organization. Employers need to increase awareness of such occupational risks in the employees and provide them with proper training to avoid and deal with such risks. The employer should periodically evaluate and assess whether or not the employees are following health and safety rules and regulations according to the new labour law.
  • The employer needs to assess after employment that the employee is aware of his occupational rights and his obligations towards the organization of work according to appropriate techniques for the type of work. HR outsourcing companies that provide HR services in Dubai also need to comply with these employers’ obligations when working as third-party employers for organizations.
  • An employer in UAE, according to the new labour law, is the one who bears the cost of medical care of the employees following the rules in the new labour law.
  • The expenses of guarantees, contributions, and insurance are also the responsibility of the employer according to the current legislation.
  • The employer can not let his employees work for any other organization except what is allowed by the labour law.
  • When the employment contract ends or when the employee resigns from the organization, the employer is obliged to provide the employee with a certificate of experience which should be free of charges, and include the date of commencement and end of the service, a description of the job, the latest salary, and the exact reason why the contract ended. The certificate of experience should not include anything that threatens the reputation of the employee or reduces new job opportunities for him.
  • In case the employee belongs to a foreign country, the employer is obliged to bear all expenses in order to repatriate the employee to his original place or whatever was agreed in the employment contract. The employer does not need to comply with these rules if the employee is employed by another employer or the employment contract ended because of the employee’s fault.
  • The employer is obliged to provide the employees with a safe and secure work environment while protecting the integrity of the employees. All these obligations are the same for both original employees and third-party employees, so it is better to hire HR outsourcing companies in UAE to transfer all these obligations.

These are all the obligations of the employers so far explained in the new labour law of 2022 for a healthy employment relationship between the employer and the employee. 

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