Hurdle Song Game Today {March} Get to Know The Answer!

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The article on Hurdle Song Game Today talks about a game that releases new challenges daily. Read to know further.

What is a hurdle song? What is the Hurdle game that happened in this game today?

Many people these days like playing games and playing them regularly. If you are one of these, this article is for you.

People from different parts of the world, for example, in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, want to know about this Hurdle Song Game Today.

Let Us Learn About Hurdle Song Game

It is a puzzle game, inspired by the very famous word game “Wordle”. This game can be played online. This game has new challenges and puzzles for players daily. Players enjoy this daily challenge feature a lot. 

This spin-off game heardle will give you to guess the song names in the first few seconds of the music. After that, players will have a very limited time to guess. People search for the ‘today’ keyword with the game name as they release challenges daily. 

The answer for 14th March for the game challenge Hurdle Song Game Today is Truth Hurts by Lizzo.

More Details 

It may seem like the game is encashing the popularity of the wordle game, but heardle has also attracted a lot of players and people. This game is difficult and engaging. People like listening to music, so they like this game. 

In short, this game can be more fun. One has to listen to the music guess the song’s name. The player will only have six chances to finalize their answers. The developer has paid attention to the game to provide entertainment and competition. Because competition spice up the game. 

Read the whole article to understand better.

How to play Hurdle Song Game Today?

As we discussed initially, this game gives daily puzzles to guess.

We will discuss here how to play the game:

  • Go to the website of the game (official).
  • Then click on the play button to start the song. 
  • The player can listen to that a couple of times before guessing an answer.
  • Only a 13-second clip of the song will be provided to listen to.
  • If you cannot guess the song, you can change the song.
  • But to win, you need to guess it in minimum attempts. 

Game rules are no big deal. They are just as usual, but you have to make quick decisions while playing Hurdle Song Game Today. Also, the time limit makes this game difficult and not easy to play.

We have come up with the points as mentioned earlier after proper research. We hope that our readers are satisfied with the information we have collected.


The hurdle game is gaining popularity. People are participating in the daily challenge and then searching for the result of today or the recent day on the internet. This is making the game even more popular. We suggest the reader give it a try.

To learn more about the game, visit this website 

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