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Icebergify Apple Music is a trending serch among Apple Music lover who has undergone through Icebergify news. Let us know the details in this post.

Have you woken up today and seen Icebergs floating on your social media account? Well, if this is the case, you are not the only user receiving it in the feed.

Music app lovers across the United States are receiving some transformation in ranking. Thanks to Icebergify for making this innovative change.

Want more information? Then join this post-Icebergify Apple Music for details. One point to note is that Icebergify is for the Spotify music app. Still, as it is trending all over, the searchability is for Apple Music too.

What is the news about?

One creator has made a website that will generate the Iceberg of favourite artists from most to least popular using the data of your listened-to songs on the Spotify Music App. It means Icebergify gather data of the most listened to artists and ranks in order of popularity.

Of course, you need to log in to your Spotify account to do this. Not surprisingly, Apple Music Iceberg is the next trending search. Apple music users also want to know how deep their Iceberg can float.

Detail on the Icebergify website:

Akshay Raj, a first-year Rice University student majoring in Computer and data science, created the website, which got immense popularity. The website uses the data from your Spotify account and a list of top 50 artists’ music that you often listened to over a few years and created Iceberg based on popularity. So, the more you groove to the music, the more refined search appears on the top of the Iceberg.

Is Icebergify Safe?

Does the obvious question arise if the site is safe to use? Let us discuss some of the technical points to clear this doubt:

Trust score: The trust score of Icebergify is 99%

Domain Registration date: 14 June 2022

SSL Certificates: The website uses valid certifications.

Malware and phishing are not detected on this website

HTTPs padlock protected

Moreover, Google safe Browsing tools also reflect no vulnerability using this website. But it is all up to you if you want to give login access to your Spotify account.

Icebergify Apple Music

We have already informed you that Icebergify is for Spotify users. But as the keyword is in trending search, people also search it for Apple Music, Google Play Music or other music apps. 

It seems like Icebergify is flooded, and many people are troubled to access it. However, patience is the key. You can either refresh or sign in later for better results.

About Apple Music

A music streaming app where you can groove into more than 90 million songs! Like other apps, this has excellent features like saving tracks for playing offline, connecting to multiple devices, personalized collections, lyrics and more.


Icebergify Apple Music is based on the popularity of the Icebergify website. However, the website provides a graphical image chart in the form of an Iceberg of the songs from your Spotify account and not from Apple Music. You can also generate an Iceberg chart using this website. 

Have you seen what your chart looks like yet? Then, comment in the down section to let us know if the post was helpful.

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